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Fearn Cotton Dreams of Jimmy Page on Radio 1


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I hope it will happen.She and Jimmy have already met before.

Fearne Cotton and Jimmy Page 18 May 2006 at Scarlet Page's 'Your Child Exhibition'.


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fearne is quite a jimmy / zeppelin fan. she's in a magazine Q & A this month and when asked who her favourite icon is she replies "jimmy page, led zeppelin guitarist. the god of all gods.

i doubt we're going to disagree with her taste and sentiments

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She hasn't got Page yet but she ran into Plant.

From her own blog


You’re never meant to meet your heroes right? I can confirm this is sound advice! What on earth made me think I could talk to Robert Plant and not make a tit out of myself??

In this photo for starters you can see I look baffled, over excited, hyper and generally stupid! All because of one man MR ROBERT PLANT! My all time hero alongside Jimmy Page to me you can’t compare them. Two living rock GODS!

Robert was at the Q awards collecting his Outstanding Contribution to Music award (was an award ever so deserved!!). I had presented Kasabian with their Best Album awards alongside my good friend Kelly from the Stereophonics and on the way back he decided to drag me over to meet said GOD! I was visibly shaking and blurted out “YOU’RE MY HERO” the most dumbfoundingly obvious thing to say! WHY WHY WHY!!! I could have calmly said “I’m a great admirer of your solid bulk of work”, or “you inspire me greatly and always have, you’re the reason I love music” …or simply “you rock” but a pathetic “you’re my hero” oh dear!!

Anyway it happened and I’m dealing with it (slowly).

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