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Pilot is still around!

Pilot of the Storm

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Ah "Brspled". I remember you too. You're that nice lady from Brazil with the funny user name 'burps led'. Maybe it was you after a pair of boots in Canary Wharf that ledded1 talks about

Maybe you're right....I remember something about boots....but I wasn't holding the map. :rolleyes: I'd have asked for instructions, you know, I'm a woman, not a man. :D:D:P

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Boots is a great store, I've heard. ;)

Inthat picture Oscar look's like a giant cat stalking his way down theside of your house! But that's just his reflection right? B)

Ithink it's the angle. That day, I was lying in bed in the sparebedroom (it has a tv) because I was pretty sick. He knew I was downthere and he wanted in...LOL.

Ah, yes... it's all come flooding back now. Not so sure about shorts in December on the Thames though


Remember, you were supposed to pick me up in that paddle boat for the O2 concert? WTF, Pilot?

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