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New Long Beach '75

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This has potential! Anybody heard this yet? What do you think?

Led Zeppelin

March 11, 1975

Long Beach Arena

Long Beach, CA

16-bit/44.1 Matrix


Mike Millard Audience Analog Cassette plus EV's "Californication" Soundboard


1. Introduction/Tuning

2. Rock And Roll

3. Sick Again

4. Over The Hills And Far Away

5. In My Time Of Dying

6. The Song Remains The Same

7. The Rain Song


1. Kashmir

2. No Quarter

3. Trampled Under Foot

4. Moby Dick


1. Dazed And Confused

2. Stairway To Heaven

3. Whole Lotta Love

4. The Crunge

5. Black Dog


Matrix of 'remastered' and speed/pitch corrected AUD+SBD sources

Tagged FLAC files.

Matrixed by dmccabe

Mastered by dadgad

a motb production

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Getting this now.........it's a bit slow..so another hour or 2 to wait........Reports so far seem mixed as to the sound........Seems it's weighted to the Millard recording with the SBD just underneath.......Personal preference would have had it the other way around.......but as it's free i'm not going to complain.

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