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Ebay Auction

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Noticed this is on ebay as well.... Genuine or fake???


Seems too good to be true, and they usually are!

Guess there's no way to know for sure, a matter of trust. Go to youtube and see if they have footage of him flicking a pick into the crowd at the end of STH. He seems to have good feedback, it's not a big ticket item.

As they say buyer bewareunsure.gif

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The links to the e-bay postings no longer show up. The first I assume is the decanter sets which I also was interested in at first. Then they kept popping up by the same seller. Indeed they were "manufactured" for an eBay sale. The second item I assume was a guitar pick - supposedly tossed out by Jimmy after "Stairway"? If that is the claim, it is fake! I was second row standing at the O2, just right of center (between Robert and Jimmy). Jimmy didn't toss out a pick - he rarely if ever does! I was fortunate enough to get backstage before a Page/Plant show in Denver in 1998 through one of the promoters. I was introduced to John? (Jimmy's tech during the tour) and I asked him about Jimmy's picks. He said Jimmy doesn't toss them for two reasons, 1) he doesn't want to see the fight and 2) he only plays with Hercoflex (5mm), which he said they didn't make anymore in the style Jimmy prefers.

Then he walked over to Jimmy's amp, plucked a pick off the top and handed it to me!! The grip texture part at the top of the pick is covered with dirt/skin cells. Guitar players who use the same pick over and over know what I mean! (Jimmy DNA!!!).

It is the most prized possession I own!!!

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Similar Led Zeppelin / O2 gig whiskey bottle and glass sets are still being sold by the same ebay seller. The last one went for around $ 150

"You are bidding on a Led Zeppelin at the O2, concert VIP & box holder gift.

This bottle will never be sold in any retail setting anywhere in the world. The bottle is full and sealed. (For collectors only)

Led Zeppelin had decided after so many years "off the road" to make a one night appearance at The O2 in London England, as a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun. Originally scheduled for November 07 was postponed until December 10, 2007. This concert will featured Jason Bonham, son of drummer and founding band member, John Bonham.

(Dates on the bottle are from the original play date November 26, 2007 )

A rare and unique piece of Led Zeppelin memorabilia!

Only the "Song Remains the Same".

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