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Jimmy Page to MC Charity Event in London


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...as posted by Zepp-4-Life earlier....

On November 25th beginning at 7:30pm The Outside Edge Theater Company will be holding their 10th year birthday celebration and fundraiser at Riverside Studios Hammersmith London where Jimmy Page will be introducing. Below is some further info. The event is open to the public and tickets are available:


"I am delighted and proud to be a supporter of The Outside Edge Theatre Company. They manage, under the guidance of Phil Fox, to produce artistically excellent work that challenges and entertains audiences at the same time as making a real difference. They demonstrate the very real capacity of live performance to positively transform shattered lives. Edge's work with addicts - and the ways in which their performances awaken audiences and provoke debate - is quite simply stunning"

- Jimmy Page

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I am deeply moved and impressed that Jimmy would get involved with such a project. Not to take anything away from his other charitable work or his staggering musical achievements, but this probably resonates most strongly with me right now since theatre's closest to my heart; I've seen both the good it can do, and the difficulty in finding support to continue doing it. Much needed attention to a very worthy cause and creative outlet :bravo: Jimmy!

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Videotaped Interview:

Jimmy Page & David Charkham (trustee):

(May 2009)


It's a lovely thing to see Jimmy Page lend his name and his personal experiences to helping others. In addition to his work with ABC, his involvement with people in need is inspiring. I've come to think about how devastating addiction must be and the unfortunate stigma attached to it. It's common sense that no one would want to be in that predicament and thank God there's people to understand and help.

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