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early Jimmy newspaper clippings

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Only the 2nd ever UK concert By Zeppelin

I Remember seeing Free in all the pubs and halls around west London. I also saw Led Zep's first gig at the Marquee as the New Yardbirds and being overawed by John Bonham, who we knew of as he had played for Tim Rose at a gig at the Marquee supporting Aynsley Dunbar. Bonham came on then with a small studio kit, a 16 inch bass drum, but the sound was like bombs going off, and he beat Aynsley with his solo.

Kenny White-drummer with Clear Blue Sky

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I have a lot more pre-Zep JP clippings to scan.....

The Record Mirror (July 2, 1966) is amazing...it further substantiates Jimmy's recollection of he and Jeff having been spat upon for wearing German Crosses at one of their Scotland gigs next week (either Elgin Town on 7/7 or Raith Ballroom in Kirkaldy on 7/8).

Looking further into that James Brown show in Long Beach now...it seems Jimmy has seen James Brown more times than he can even remember...it wasn't among those he recalled when he met James Brown backstage at the House of Blues in La on 1/16/04.

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