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Physical Graffiti- A classic album under review


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I've been wanting to see a thread solely based on discussed on Physical Graffiti. In my opinion, Led Zeppelin's most iconic, rawest, most electric energy that you can have in an album. All four musicians were at their creative peak, and this album shows. Down to the album artwork, Plant's raspy voice, Jimmy's widest range of variety, arguably Bonham's best work, all glued together by John Paul Jones.

I found the DVD that has been mentioned before on here called Physical Graffiti an album under review uploaded on Youtube in 9 parts. I wanted to share it with you guys to start a conversation about the documentary and about the album itself. How do you feel about the album, your thoughts about the songs and styles portrayed on this album.

I will say this though, when I listen to this album all the way through, it is one of the most diverse rock records I've ever heard. So many different styles and vibes, it is truly an iconic record.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


For convenience, I wont post all 9 parts. The play list is right there to watch the rest of the parts on youtube.

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A while back my cable company had a Physical Graffiti documentary on the pay per view. Just happen to stumble onto it when I was searching around the menu. This looks to be the same but can't be sure as my lap top has a dead sound card. It was a very good show and I would pay the small fee again to watch it.

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It's still my favorite Zeppelin album, & it's always in my rotating top 3 favorite albums along with the Stones "Exile On Main Street" & the Chash's "London Calling", which are also musically diverse double albums.

It's a hard album to top. The original material they came up with for the album was top notch & then adding the outtakes from earlier albums that didn't necessarily fit on those albums they were recorded for worked perfectly in the overall context of "Physical Graffiti". I could not picture "Boogie With Stu" on LZ4, while some people may think it's filler I happen to love it & the song has a perfect home on "PG". The drum sound on the album is outrageous. Beyond Bonham's actual playing on songs like "IMTOD" & "Sick Again", the sound that is coming through is beyond description. There's a lot of funk influence obviously on "Trampled Underfoot" but also on "Custard Pie" & "The Wanton Song". "The Rover" just may be Page's best heavy guitar track while "Ten Years Gone" is definately his most beautiful, a perfect combination of "Stairway" & "The Rain Song". "In The Light" is just a mindblower, scary & uplifting at the same time due to JPJ's synth's & Plant's lyrics. "Kashmir", what can be said that hasn't been said before. Plant is absolutely right in saying this song is the ultimate Led Zeppelin song.

"Physical Graffiti" is just an impossible album to follow, & the Stones & The Clash had the same problem following up their respective double masterpieces. When you reach a musical pinnacle everything that comes after is just going to be viewed as a let down & that the band are/were losing their touch. It's a shame because all three bands did great work after their masterpieces & those works should be judged on their own individual merits rather than constantly being held up to reaching that almost fluke like standard those watershed albums achieved.

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thanks for posting. that was very pleasant to watch.

PG was the first album i stood in line for after midnight.

america was fierce in it's adoption of zep as an american band.

i felt them. they understood what i liked and articulated that need

like no other band.

the british critics don't like them? fuck 'em-their loss.

i remember coming home from record bar music store with this double LP

in my hands. i seem to connect it to experiences i had heard of a

generation before when people came home with the newly released 'sgt. pepper'.

i couldn't wait-the first side starting off with the 1-2 punch of

'custard pie' and 'the rover'. my socks were knocked off!

IMTOD-mindblowing. i thought it would never end and it seemed like

it might not. 'HOTH'a burnt orange sounding song, 'trampled' hit my

funk chord, touching places in me that stevie wonder had only touched before.

but it was 'kashmir' that would drive a railroad spike in my young fertile little brain.

over and over i picked the tone arm up and reset. had the album ended there

i would have been happy.

'in the light contunues to be an alltime fave, and a song that could

never appear on another zep album-it belonged there.

the rest of side 3 and 4 kicked my ass, i had no favorite side to this

album. but the continuing clamp on my musical emotions was sprung by

'ten years gone'. that song did and still does crystallize a moment in time

for me.

my favorite album, what can i say? and the best doulbe LP ever released

(yes, i love the 'white album', 'exile' and all the others).

i've just had my turntable reconnected to my tube amp.

i think i'll give it a spin....

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thanks so much for posting this, i really enjoyed it.

do any of you agree with nevisons account of the naming of " sick again " ? it seems feasable to me, i never could work out why it was called that. i just thought that maybe robert was referencing that all the groupie scenarios were kind of " sick" or something. who knows.

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PG is my favorite album of all time, not just led zep, just an absolute monster album. i remember the first time listening to it not really getting it cause it was just too much to take in in one listen, it took a few listens to fully appreciate it.

custard pie is my fav led zep song.

looking forward to watching this documentary tonite, thanx

drop down!

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