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Phat & meaningful to me. he only took one section as if respectfully not to take too much out of the holy grail and worked it out in a creative way. niiice bass sound & kool tablas percussion. anybody remember the puff daddy thing more than a decade ago, THAT really sucked and who was involved in it? no, david starfire is just becoming known a little bit in some electronic circles and would never have suceeded asking jimmy 4 taking part, or even b able to pay him.. but he made a version with new impact, just like a this little band did with lots of old blues numbers.

i´m sure robert would dig this approach.

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well i tried it out spinning on the dancefloor in a dubstep context last weekend,

it has a massive low end and creates quite a buzz when people understand where it comes from.

you all prefer the p.diddy version and keep bashing this one and no-one is with me ?

hey, yes, i am actually a dj who spins electronic music, and still i am coming to this site often,

do i have to feel like guilty now ?

i do understand one might think its a sacrilege to do this, but it only was a question of time till someone did it.

the thing is, altho this version is not very deep it really rocks and another version just might have been SOOO much worse than this.

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It's tough to remix Zeppelin, because the original songs are so good.

I've heard Whole Lotta Love remixes that were well done,

and Oakenfold did an amazing remix for Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.

David Starfire does a really cool remix of Come Together by The Beatles.

hey, while i dont really agree with you about david starfire´s come together rmx (kinda boring version imo)

i greatly welcome some sophisticated opinion on the remix subject!

this could be an interesting thread if more people had open ears for contemporary sounds here ;)

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