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New Bagde!?!

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New on Dime! Again I ask "Anybody heard this?" I like the idea of an uninterupted, no drop-outs, no tape flips show.

...there are 6(!) known sources:

Artist: Led Zeppelin

Date: 1977-06-23

Location: Inglewood, CA

Venue: The Forum

Source: Audience (3 sources)

3 Source Mix

Lineage: 3rd gen>dat(2)>wav(16/48)>wav(16/44)>flac

Patch sources

Lineage Goldberg Source: 1st gen>dat(x)>wav(16/44)>flac

Lineage Millard Source: unmarked 1st gen cassettes(TDK SA 90)x3>Nakamichi

670 pitch & azimuth-adjusted playback deck>Nakamichi Outboard Dolby B

Unit>Wavelab 96/24>Izotope 44.1/16>flac


Disc 1

01. Introduction*

02. The Song Remains The Same*

03. Sick Again*

04. Nobody's Fault But Mine*

05. Over The Hills And Far Away*

06. Since I've Been Loving You*

07. No Quarter**

Disc 2

01. Introduction**

02. Ten Years Gone**

03. The Battle Of Evermore**

04. Going To California**

05. Black Country Woman**

06. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp**

07. White Summer**

08. Kashmir**

09. Trampled Underfoot**

Disc 3

01. Over The Top**

02. Noise Solo***

03. Achilles Last Stand***

04. Stairway To Heaven***

05. Whole Lotta Love***

06. Rock And Roll***

* - Goldberg Source

** - Gabe Source

*** - Millard Source


Low gen 3 source mix used for the Good Night Moon Light (Tarantura) release.

This source has been augmented with some better pieces for part of Goldberg

recording and the Millard portion using the newly surfaced 1st gen cassette

transfer(May 2010). The original mix is left intact.

Is this better or worse than other mixes I really don't know it is up to you

the listener to decide. I've had this for a long time now and decided to

replace the Millard portion with the new transfer so it is unique in that no

mix uses this yet. The Goldberg portion was augmented a long time ago since

that portion of the mix was plagued with diginoise from a bad dat tape clone

somewhere along the line.





In comment #4005908 rockcat wrote something like this:

If the Millard source is the best source, then why didn't you use it

whenever possible? Obviously, we know that there are songs that Millard

missed, but when he was recording, are there times when xx and xx actually

got better results?


I didn't put together the original mix and frankly at this point I don't

know who did put it together originally. I just upgraded it so to speak. Why

wasn't Millard's recording used for the middle portion my guess is because

it is filled with dropouts in the audio all over the place and it is quicker

and easier to use the other source which isn't plagued with dropouts in the

audio. The last dropout in the Millard recording is during Over The Top so

that is why it is switched to the Millard source after that point.

If you like listening to a complete as possible show from beginning to end

then multisource mixes are the way to go. This is one of those shows that

every single circulating source is missing at least one song completely from

the recording.

Here is the source breakdown courtesy of Blackmikito

Source #1 - AUD- Dragonfly Vinyl source (Sick Again->End of Show)

Source #2 - AUD- Mike Millard source (SIBLY->End of Show)

Source #3 - AUD- Barry Goldberg source (TSRTS->SIBLY)

Source #4 - AUD- Carl Gabe source (TSRTS->End of Show)

Source #5 - AUD- Incomplete FBO Tree source (TSRTS, NFBM, OTHAFA, SIBLY, NQ,


Source #6 - SB- Fragment of Page's "noise" solo which was given to the

laser operator by Page himself before Knebworth, as a guide to cue the

effects for that show

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As today IS the 33 anniversary, I plan to have a big glass of iced coffee and enjoy this show today. Anyone know what time the original show started? Maybe we could all listen at once?!?

Maybe 8:45pm Pacific Standard time? haha Just a guess :P.

I doubt we could get anything coherent going, but I can figure we will all be there spiritually B)

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