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Acoustic guitar appreciation

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It's Friday and I can finally relax for the week, love James Taylor:-)

James Taylor - Fire and Rain

Wow, great pick Deb! That is my number 2 on my list of faves on my you/tube channel!

Only Joni Mitchell is higher @ my number 1 spot (no big surprise there!)*

*not sure if this is technically a guitar, probably not...but it has a sweet aoustic guitar sound!

And appropriately for this thread @ number 3 on my list is this classic....


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Hey Dudes,

I just released a new CD of mostly all original acoustic instrumentals. Some solo, others with dobro, harmonica, a really nice mix of styles. From Blues to Country Blues, Ragtime, Rock, New Age, it's basically everything I like to play and I think you'll really like it. Think Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Jimmy (of course!) Rev Gary Davis, Tony Rice, etc. Acoustic guitar Nirvana, I hope!

There's one track on there called Blue Ridge Dreamer whcih is very, very Zep-esque. You'll know it when you hear it!

It's available on iTunes and also CD Baby.



Thanks guys.


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