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Sons of Albion in New York City

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Hello kiss of fire,

I posted this on the LZ related videos. It's a great interview (audio only).. and Logans voice on the song is amazing!!


Thanks for posting the link from the interview Deborah.

I thought it was funny when the DJ asked him what his dad wanted him to do and he said soccer of footballer. Ha ha classic!

Definitely has a cool voice and one can tell he has some genetic/style resemblance happening there! :D

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I just got this email from their site,

Hopefully New York members here will go to one of these shows.

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your support, it's been amazing to meet so many

new people in America who enjoy rocking out with us.

Sooooo...... WE ARE BACK! we promised we would be and we are men of

our word....

We get in tonight, Friday and have a crazy schedule of shows. Sadly

this time it's just in NYC.

First off we play a Halloween party in some cool warehouse in lower

manhattan on Saturday, but then we have shows at:

Arlenes Grocery - 6pm - Tuesday 2nd November

The Delancy - 11pm - Wednesday 3rd November (this will be a great rock bill)

John Varvatos Showcase @ CBGBs - 7pm Thursday 4th November (flyer attached)

PC Richards Theatre (Q104.3) - 7pm Friday 5th November

BUT!!! we are planning a much bigger tour for early next year and who

know what might happen between now and xmas!

If you can't make it to one of our NYC shows then you can catch us

live online on Friday 5th.

If you check out Q1043.com on Friday 5th at 19:00 new york time (EST)

then we have a live show from their PC Richards theatre.

You can win tickets to get into this show from

http://www.q1043.com/cc-common/ondemand/ so click on the link and see

if you can make it.

We couldn't have done this trip without amazing help from Q104.3,

Yamaha drums, & Blackstar amps.

These guys have been amazing and we promise to do justice to their

airwaves and instruments with some hard rock you won't forget!

We'll let you know what's going on thru the week...

We love you all so much!

Logan, Nuno Miguel, Francisco & Gones


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Sons of Albion Live Streaming Audio

Q104.3 in New York will be streaming the Sons of Albion live from the P.C. Richard & Son Theater at 7 pm EST.

"Emerging rockers Sons of Albion are playing an exclusive private show at our P.C. Richard & Son Theater on Friday, November 5th and the only way in is to win tickets! Listen to win a chance to attend what promises to be an incredible rock show! Still can't make it? Don't worry, we'll be streaming the show LIVE:


Q 104.3 Registration Link:


Sons of Albion are a London-based rock act set to take on the world. Fronted by the enigmatic Logan Plant (son of Robert), SOA are Logan, guitarist Nuno Miguel, bassist Richard "Gones" Fulgoni & drummer Francisco De Sousa.

This hard rock four piece have quietly been earning their chops over the past few years blasting out their fiery brand of hard rock thru the UK club circuit, Europe’s festival stages, and taken on opening

slots for Velvet Revolver, Lenny Kravitz, & The Who.

Mixing a modern hard rock sound that draws comparison to the like Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Rage Against The Machine delivered with an attitude Esquire dubs "old school swagger" - Sons Of Albion make songs that quiver with energy and explode with a wall of wailing guitars and thundering drums."

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This interview is dated (6/2/09) but had some really good insight on how Logan stands on his own being Robert's son doesn't faze him musically a bit.

I love this quote from the article.

"Logan: You know what, when I was at university I was playing football my dad hadn't come to any of the games except one. Nobody knew anything about him being my dad and people were like, “That's your old man, what the fuck” and then in the bar later on that night we were all pissed and some guy comes up and says, “Hey Loag, how you doing? Your dad, is he Zed Lepplin?” (all laughing) and I just wanted to say, “Yeah, that's him, his names Zed” (all laughing)."

From: Komodo Rocks


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I'm waiting for LOGAN'S LED ZEP EXPERIENCE. :rolleyes:

Actually I admire him for NOT riding on Zeppelin's wagon.

:bravo: :bravo:

Thanks for the updates! This band is a must see. I also admire Logan for not riding the coattails of his dad. It would be cool if he did one Zep song in an encore though:)

You can now watch the show here.

Logan reminds me a lot of Chris Cornell with Soundgarden!

I really enjoyed the show. :D


Picture Gallery:


For being the child of a rock star Logan seemed very cool and laid back when I saw him play with his band. It was such a hot day and they were playing on the roof of a smallish venue and, coming from England, I imagine that it must have felt especially hot for them as there was very little shelter from the sun. Still, my impression was that he didn't come across as having a sense of entitlement - he seemed to treat everyone around him with respect. And there was no "prima donna" attitude about the heat or, from what I could see, no ordering people around. If I didn't know who he was, I would have guessed that he was one of the many talented unknown and unconnected young musicians (although an incredibly handsome one) who come to showcase their music. My tickets were free as were those of most people around us so it ended up being a great free show and, if the band ever comes back to this part of the world I would definitely see them again. :)

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