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OMG....My wife kissed Robert Plant last night!


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Well, my wife and I have just returned from seeing Robert and the Band of Joy at both the Cardiff and Birmingham shows....they were both exemplary concerts; the musicianship was breath-taking.

However, the highlight has to be seeing my rather, um, diminutive wife (Marie) leaping up on stage at Symphony Hall Birmingham and planting ( ! ) a smacker right on Robert's lips! Thankfully, the clip is alreay on Youtube....here's the link:


Check out the clip at 9mins 45 seconds....that's my good lady! After kissing Robert, he responds by saying "That's some kind of an achievemen!". Then I think he says "....I'll see you after"! As the burly stage-hand walks by at 10.02 Roberts says to him "And I'm not kissing you!!!"....Finally, at 10.12 that's my dear, shy wife blurting out "Rob....I LOVE YOU" ...he pauses, thinks and responds with the priceless...."I've lost most of me money" !!! What's priceless to me is seeing my wife's celebratory jig just after she kisses Robert. Also, what you can't see (due to the guy's head in the way), is that Marie then gave Patty Griffin a kiss and a hug too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prior to the show my wife and I were stood outside the gig when she started chatting to a group of ladies...Marie said something like "God, he's just soooooo sexy"....to which a lady with hena-red hair, and on crutches, responded "Yes, he is....I'm his ex wife". My dear lady then responded in her rich Welsh brogue...."Love....so am I..."!!! To which there was just an awkward silence! After chewing the fat a liitle more we departed, and another of the ladies said "That really is his ex wife"....We followed the group in inside, where numerous people shouted out "Hi Maureen..."....Yup, it was indeed Maureen Plant! By the way, the crutches were there as she looks like she's broken a foot/leg....

Finally, after the show, myself, my wife and another fan were the only three people to wait around the loading compound to try and catch a glimpse of Robert. At about 11.40 he did indeed come out of the venue, and jumped into a black Audi A4 estate with several others. We called out and he did give a brief wave. The electric gates opened and the car came passed us with Robert in the passenger seat. Another brief wave was all we got. A bit disappointing that he didn't stop as there were only three of us...but hey....I'd dread to think what my wife would have done had he stopped !!!!!!!!!!

A fantastic couple of days with some truly magic memories. Hope you all don't mind me sharing!

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Your story cracked me up! Thanks! It reminded me of that Family Guy episode where Peter's like, "Yeah, my wife did Kiss." "How does that make you feel?" "Uh, it makes me feel like I've also done Kiss." :lol:

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