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Websites that diss Zeppelin

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I've seen this before. It's stupid even from a religious perspective. This fellow is notorious and even people in his religion make fun of him. He is what is known as a heresy hunter. People who hate something for whatever reason (usually just because they are bitter people) and then look for any reason to put it down. If they can't find a legit one they will just make something up. Maybe when I get more time I could point out the utter stupidity in this article from both the Rock and Roll and Theological perspective since most people probably don't have the background in theology I do. We'll see.

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The guy is a complete scumbag. He was arrested for 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct as a 1st degree felony. Stewart was also charged with child abuse as a misdemeanor. He denied the initial charges but later pled guilty to child abuse as part of a plea agreement. F him!!!

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