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Rock stars--the only children in the family


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5 hours ago, Freeyyaa said:

Lets discuss rock-stars who are (were) the only children in the family their songs, thoughts and behaviour.

Ok then, your suggestion you begin..

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14 hours ago, Stryder1978 said:

I'll bite:

Elton John

Selena Gomez

Richie Sambora

LeeAnn Rimes

Frank Sinatra

Alicia Keys

Elvis Presley


John Lennon

Phil Lynott

Lenny Kravitz

That's a list mate, Freeyyaa asked for discussion.

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I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the Internet does not seem to carry the necessary data to make any insights or inferences towards these artist's thoughts or behavior.  As an example, I tried to coorelate any available Internet information with human behavior such as being gay, transsexual, suicidal, any overly-aggressive behavior, sexual deviance, gang affiliations, mommy or daddy issues, schizophrenia, depression, any physical maladies or traits, ethnic background, religious choice,....etc.  I then attempted to cross-reference that data against any lyrics, musical trends, or life experiences associated with the 'lone child' artists in question.  The results.....I got nothin'.

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2 hours ago, Stryder1978 said:

Yes, it was list...a start for the person who started the topic.  No need to be an arse about it! 

Not much of a start though eh, anyone can make a list. Anyway all those sibling less musos, what lonely but privileged lives they must have had...

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