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Most Bluesy Zeppelin Album?

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I & II in that order. For years my knowledge/only copy of I (on tape of course) didn't include the second section of HMMT, stopping dead at 05:30. It was copied from a cassette original but by a long lost friend, so I never knew if the original stopped or just the copy he did. Some years later I played a mate's vinyl copy in his house and an already fantastic and firm favourite album surprised me by becoming even better.

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Led Zeppelin I, followed by Led Zeppelin II.

I would say the least bluesy album is Houses of the Holy. Every other album has at least one blues number:

III-Since I Been Loving You

IV-When the Levee Breaks

PG-In My Time of Dying

Presence-Tea for one

ITTOD-I'm Gonna Crawl

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