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4 hours ago, Autumn Moon said:

There is an article "Led Zeppelin- their 50 greatest gigs" in the September issue, nothing special. Just ran over the pages, haven´t noticed a LZ essential boot section. I am afraid, it wouldn´t be breathtaking either.

That's the one. Is it anything informative we haven't heard before?

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21, March 1975- "Certainly the best of the entire 1975 tour".


I've gotta say, I like the fact that the author mentioned both Page's allusion to a new live album and the fact that the Bath festival was filmed and could possibly be restored. This helps put some pressure on the Zep marketing machine to get this stuff out there.

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22 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

I'm interested in any articles from 2001/02 that discusses the HTWWW release if anyone has some. I've looked through Rolling Stone back issues and didn't find even a mention. Not surprising from them.

You mean 2003?  Here's a few....



Press & Sun:


Arizona Republic:


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