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Playing Zeppelin live

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On 5/13/2019 at 12:32 PM, strombringer101 said:

Just curious if any members in this form plays Zeppelin music in a band or their personal studio aka garage band. 

Has anyone ever tried to play the 10 ribs & all carrot....pod pod pod ? That is a amazing tune.

I used to play professionally in the 80's and early 90's then stopped until a few years back when I started up again. Anyway, every band I have played in we always had a very diverse setlist and Zep was always on it. We played Hots on for Nowhere & ITE or Wearing & Tearing as the deep cuts and Custard Pie, How Many More Times, BIGLY, and the Ocean as the classics. We always swapped up the set to keep things exciting.

Only a few bands I was in had the capability of playing something as difficult as Hots or TSRTS, mostly because of the drumming.

I love to play Zep live as the crowd ALWAYS goes insane...always. This was not the case in the 80's. When we played Zep in 87' people would look at us like we had nobs growing out of our foreheads. Though it would always give me a nice chuckle to go from Heartbreaker to Nick Cave to Souixsie to Leonard Cohen. Those fuckers received a well rounded musical education whether they wanted it or not!

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My band has been around for just about three years now, and in the beginning we played a lot of Zepp!  Not so much anymore, mainly because our sets are about 90% original now.  Also, we're now down to a trio, which is no problem instrumentally for Zepp obviously, but neither our guitarist, nor our bassist, can really replicate Plant's vocals (I'm the drummer).  Those two's tastes also trend more current now 😕

The Zepp songs we've played are:

- Black Dog

- Communication Breakdown (in WLL medley)

- Dazed And Confused

- D'yer Mak'er

- How Many More Times

- Moby Dick

- Over The Hills And Far Away

- Rock And Roll

- Tangerine

- Ten Years Gone

- Thank You

- That's The Way

- The Ocean

- When The Levee Breaks

- Whole Lotta Love

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