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  1. June 23rd, 1977 - Holy Shit! The whole band is focused and hotter than a nuclear furnace but Jimmy...oh Jimmy! He is simply on another planet here, not just excellent playing but very unique as well, he throws a LOT of insane runs followed up by subtlety just to knock you on your ass again and again. Brilliant.
  2. I have always been a fan of the 80' tour as most of the shows are good and a handful are downright excellent. Sure there are a few stinkers (mostly due to Page) but mostly they were good shows. The one exception I have is with Jones synths, the technology was not yet there to reproduce accurately the sound of a Mellotron so those songs (Kashmir, Rain Song) in particular sound thin and odd. Outside of the synths, the sound was good and Jimmy's tone on this tour was excellent as well. Also, the sub-par shows were a combination of Page's poor playing, and Robert & Bonham's apathy as evident by their delivery. Bonham was also having stomach issues which impacted his playing as well. What most do not realize is if you assemble a "best of" show from the tour you will have one amazing show with the best versions ever played of many of these songs. I will go to my grave knowing, IMO, the version of WLL from Berlin is hands down, one of my favorite versions and Heartbreaker from Rotterdam is also amazing.
  3. Absolutely ridiculous, Facebook has no issue whatsoever with foreign bots influencing a Presidential election, spreading lies and falsehoods, but a rendering of innocent children based on a similar rendering for a science fiction book Childhood's End is just to much? People such as Mark Zuckerberg are the problem with this country. He and his ilk are a cancer which must be removed. As mentioned in the Facebook thread, Facebook is not some benign environment for people to connect, absolutely not. Facebook was designed for one reason and one reason only, data collection and to sell that data to the highest bidder. Now they are using that data to manipulate people and push the agendas of those who will pay for this access.
  4. That's right, he needs a pair of black & white loafers Jimmy wore on the 77' tour.
  5. I don't care what anyone says, that jacket is Big Pimpin!!!
  6. Just an example of Big paranoia + little penis Freud sure made some good points
  7. Miller is one of the most underrated players out there. Saw him live several times and he is very Page like in his approach to live playing in that he loves to take his songs and do extended jams in the middle. He takes chances and sometimes makes mistakes but damn, can he play. Last time I saw him he did a 15 min jam in the middle of Fly Like an Eagle that was off the hook.
  8. You disagree because you believe we live in a dystopian hellscape or because you just like the feel of cold steel while you purchase strawberries at your local co-op? Just an FYI, whenever I see some dude strapped in public I just cannot help myself. I just shake my head that someone could be both so paranoid and so scared in modern society. What I find even more strange is the fact that gun laws are considerably more lax then they were in the 18th, 19th, or even 20th centuries yet violent crime and crime in general is at an all time low. It's kinda like some 105 year old man walking around with a condom in his wallet even though the last time he made whooppiee was when Kennedy was President. Except a condom cannot kill you.
  9. Amazon Prime now has all five seasons of Babylon 5 and all seasons of Kung Fu. I have been looking for Kung Fu for years but no luck. Damn, I am one happy little grasshopper.
  10. PeaceFrogYum


    A woman after my own taste-buds. Always been a fan of both stout's & porters, guess I like em dark and smooth.
  11. Sign me up for that and the Oakland gig in 77' where a dancer joined them onstage and even danced on the piano during NQ I believe.
  12. Not only is all of this bullshit, but if this appeal is successful and LZ loses...EVERYONE in publishing will lose. Just imagine the implications of such a broad an simplistic interpretation of "original." You will quite literally see thousands of these cases from musicians, to writers, to bloggers, and possibly from a 1st grade's complaint that a classmate three years detached, plagiarized his paper about his mommy because he used the word "mommy" somewhere within his story.
  13. PeaceFrogYum


    If you are into history it is, even if you are not it is still nestled in a very beautiful location in a small valley surrounded by the Black Hills. From around 1876 - 1900 pretty much every legend of the Old West spent time there and some like Wild Bill Hickok died there.
  14. PeaceFrogYum


    Damn that looks good, were you in Deadwood by chance?
  15. Jesus, first Leon Redbone and now Dr. John. Two beautiful people, two amazing musicians.
  16. Really like the performance but what is with Robert? Why is he ignoring his lovely duet partner? One of the best parts of a duet is the interaction with your partner. It just looked odd her fawning over Robert while he was way off somewhere else. His voice was great though and two sing very well together.
  17. I think the 18th & the 23rd are the best shows of the EC run.
  18. He likely has friends and acquaintances from both genders, maybe he likes dealers choice on occasion?
  19. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I like the song Too Loud and the Shaken n' Stirred album as a whole. TBF, when the album first came out I was taken aback as I expected something very different. However it did not take long for me to warm up to it and by the time the tour hit town I was sold, really liked the album and still do.
  20. Damn, Kirsty Alley was one hot tamale back then.
  21. I believe, and hope, Rey is actually a sleeper agent. She could be a very powerful Sith sent to infiltrate and destroy from within, however they Manchurian Candidate'd her ass so even she is not aware who she really is. It would sure tie up some seriously gaping plot lines such as how she seems to have quite excellent control of the Force just out of the blue with no training and held her own against the dude from Girls even though he was a highly trained Sith. My hope is Rey takes the Iron Throne, um, I mean, rules the galaxy as the nastiest, meanest, most hardcore Sith-Lord of all time.
  22. What's wrong with that? Manson is an absolutely fascinating character. We studied him in painful detail during a course for a masters program, soup to nuts (ha, get it) so to speak. The man was both absolutely brilliant and absolutely broken beyond any hope of redemption. The man is quite literally the poster child for what can happen when society as a whole fails a person at every turn. Now I am not saying Manson is not to blame, he was 100% to blame but if you do not study and address the cause, the symptoms will just keep popping up. My only concern is when Hollywood keeps druging up the whole Helter Skelter motive bullshit. It's 50 years after the fact, lets just tell the truth of what really happened and be done with it. I am really looking forward to this movie, sure hope it does not dissapoint.
  23. Too bad they did not go for the obvious and throw in a heavy metal version of Father Figure or Freedom 90.
  24. Sorry, but no: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/28/gun-control-polling-parkland-430099 The fear of slave uprisings was a very, very serious threat during the 18th century as proto-Americans were witness to two serious uprisings, the Stono & New York rebellions. However, slave rebellions in the Caribbean, South America, and the Jamaican Rebellion (Tacky's War) is what really made them shit. Lastly, you cannot make such a claim as your last sentence in light of the Whiskey Rebellion, nor from prior historical reference contemporary to the Founders as such an event had never happened.
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