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Montreal 1975 8mm - new footage


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On 7/10/2022 at 12:50 PM, zeplz71 said:

This sample has been making the rounds for a little bit. Seller is asking nutty prices for it.


Do we know for sure this is "8mm" format? Quality is better than so much footage from this era, so I'd suggest it's  Super 8, if not actually 16 mm. I used to shoot a lot of 16mm in college; this reminds me of that. Super 8 image quality bested 8mm, which is why it became the go-to for amateur filmmakers in the late '60s. But in '73, Super 8 with sound on the film cartridge was introduced and quickly became the gold standard. This film is obviously silent. But the image quality is quite good given the problem lighting. That's why I think it may well be 16mm and maybe why they're asking so much $. There's not a lot of 16mm Zeppelin footage around as far as I know. Would love to hear anyone's thoughts.

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