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Plant's Three Best LZ Songs

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I found this, Robert Plant's 3 favorite LZ songs.  One is super easy, he's always saying it was the best the band did.  The second holds enormous sentimental value to him.  But the third one was a real surprise.



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These are three (of five) of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs.  I think that Robert would agree.

1.  In the Light

2.  Since I've Been Loving You 

3.  No Quarter.

These three also happen to have a writing credit for John Paul Jones.  I remember reading that Jimmy has said that he had forgotten how amazing John Paul Jones' introduction to "In the Light" was (I agree).

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On 3/24/2023 at 5:40 PM, paul carruthers said:

I'm surprised he didn't list Livin' Lovin' Maid... 😆 


 So does “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)” work for me now? Well, I can dig it, but I don’t really know the guy who wrote it. I wouldn’t recognize him in the street


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I think an underrated gem from Robert is Night Flight. I still to this day believe Robert is underrated. As a singer myself I can see most people just think of his early range. Robert can get very low in the voice..Elvis baritone low, if he chooses. His blues phrasing and texture is simply wonderful. He has an energy to his singing where you think it’s ready to explode. There is a tension there. He lets it loose at the right moments. 
He can alter his voice, delivery, tone and texture to suit Jimmy’s tone and ideas for the song. McCartney and Lennon did this so well also. 
He’s on-a different planet than the 80s so called wanna be’s. I just saw him live in NYC at the Beacon. Simply astonishing as his voice matures with him. As it always has. 

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