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NEW YORK CITY February 14, 2007 The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygenie today unveiled the NYC Condom, the first in the nation with an official brand. The NYC Condom is the same high-quality LifeStyles product the Health Department now distributes through health centers and community organizations. The price hasn't changed it's still free but the package has a bold new look.

The Slogan is: "Get Some"

There is no age restriction on the distribution. Anyone can get them for any use. No Questions Asked.


The New Official NYC Condom Brand is being target marketed with TV adds featuring Latin, Jazz, and Hip Hop. The Poster and Subway Advertising for the NYC Condoms feature black couples, Latin couples, and two Latin --- men.

The condoms are gererally available at varoius housing works, YMCAs, bars, resturants, lounges, pubs, taverns, cafes, and hair salons and barber shops.

The Condoms are Premium Lubricated Lifestyles Latex Condoms. Water-based lubrication packets are also free.

Free female condoms are available as well for organizations serving high-risk clients {That's code for prostitutes and hookers}....


Obviously, the Rockers have been ingnored, with this Campaign.....

I suggest Van Halen's "Everbody Wants Some" be used to target the Rockers.....

So, are they saying that Rockers don't get it on as prolifically as Latins, and Afro-Americans ? ? ?

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