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Have You Ever Been Kissed?


Have you ever been kissed?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever been kissed?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Other. >_>

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You love the New Yorkers :P

Add that to your repertoire, Ash :)

I didn't until I met her. :P

And to answer your other question. My wit is wiltering this time of the morn'. :lol:

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Actually, that can be quite painful, until evolution gives us retractable canines. These teeth tend to get in the way of soft tissues too often.

I have a single vampire fang. Does that count? :P

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Ah forget it :P

Let me get to wishing I was kissed right now, Ash :P


By a young Plant, I'm assuming. :lol:

I knew this thread would get somewhere.

Edit: Inevitably not now that I've said that. :lol:

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Yes, since I'm only an apprentice vampire. :rolleyes::P

Trust me, lad, you might wanna quit your vampireness when it's not too late yet. Been in the business for six hundred years and there's only one worse thing than being a 22 years old for six hundred years, and that is being a less-than-twenty-years old for such a long time.

Wouldn't be so bad, but the thing is, hunger always wins over lust. It's so sad.

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