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AC/DC or Metallica


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AC/DC and Metallica are two bands that have enjoyed a rare amount of success. Both bands are huge and still have rabid fan bases. Sure, the most recent albums by both bands were less than great, but anytime the possibility of a new AC/DC or Metallica album is mentioned - people get a little crazy. People get even crazier at the talk of a tour. Now, both AC/DC and Metallica are getting ready to release new discs and a full tour supporting the material. Which tour will be bigger?

I honestly don't know who to give the edge here. Quite frankly, I'm going to both tours and I'll get both albums, too. AC/DC have been around longer but when the chips fall in place, I'm probably a bigger Metallica fan. Either way, I think both tours are going to be massive.

How massive? I'm not sure. My guess is that ticket prices for both tours will be astronomical - with AC/DC having a higher nightly guarantee and subsequently older audience. At least in North America, the tours are winter events - and that usually means pretty big venues. Metallica is coming to Ohio in November at the Schottenstein Center. For those of you not from Ohio - that is on the campus of Ohio State University. Everything at Ohio State University is absolutely huge. I am guessing that AC/DC will play two Ohio dates.

You know what this means, right? It means I'm going to be shelling out a bunch of cash for fanclub memberships to get close tickets.

So, which will be bigger? Metallica or AC/DC? Which show will you attend?


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I hate both bands. The best metal album release this year will be a draw between Opeth's and Cynic's releases (not that ACDC is considered metal...but well, whatever)

I'm quite happy that I'll be paying my 35 dollars to go see Opeth (for the second time this year) and I'm quite confident it will be a much much much much better show than either of those two bands could ever put on.

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I love both of these bands. I have just about everything both of these bands ever put out.

They are in different classes though, IMO.

AC/DC is a hard rocking, beer drinking band. Fun times.

Metallica is heavy metal. Darker and edgy.

I know there are people that put them both in the heavy metal category, but AC/DC is hard rock to me.

I think it's fantastic that they are both putting out new stuff this year and I guess if I had to choose between which concert tix to buy if they were playing on the same day, I guess it would be 'tallica.

I really love both bands though.

The only thing about AC/DC is after awhile, all their songs start to sound the same.

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