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Have You Ever.........?


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Yes, myself, when I broke my ankle ;)

Have you ever smashed something because you were so ecstatic and happy?

Smashed for being happy? Uh, just myself (as in too much to drink).

HYE wondered just how close overlapping technologies are to creating Artificial Intelligence (the kind that passes the Turing Test and can rewrite its source code)?

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Yes, was forced to by a priest. But it was a precious time, talking to a really ancient woman who escaped from Transylvania during the world war II...

HYE pretended to be a bum, just to make the people look strange at you?

Noper (but I attract them like a magnet, got one of those bleeding hearts that sends off signals that I'll help just about anyone in need... almost anyone).

HYE tried to make a deal with (any) god?

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I tried to make a deal with my chemistry teacher who thinks he is a god

HYE said in a teacher 's face that he is a total asshole?

PS: I'm going now...G'night! :hippy:

Noper (just skipped their classes).


Fall Of Day (another way to say Night, as in Good Night).

Somewhere in time, someone who's game:

HYE dreamed you were drinking (lots of) water?

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