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Have You Ever.........?

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Yes. Everytime I sign onto this forum biggrin.gif

HYE gotten sick from bad food?

Yes, I remember getting sick the day after I had coleslaw for lunch one summer. I figured that it had not been properly refrigerated and I had food poisoning. So from then on during summer, I always check the coleslaw to make sure it is chilled and has not been left out too long.

HYE had a true love?

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HYE burped really loud? :burp:

Not in public! Everytime I drink a soft drink in the can, I burp really loud.

HYE gotten sick from bad food?

When I was in the 8th grade I got E-Coli food poisoning. It was the most pain I've ever suffered. I was in the hospital for at least a week. At first they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, but they finally did. They pumped me full of anti-biotics, and I had to miss two weeks of school. (It's not fun missing that much school!) It was a nightmare!! My mom actually thought I was going to die because I was so sick! :( Fortunately I didn't have any kidney damage or anything. (Sometimes you can get kidney damage from E-Coli.) I never did find out what I ate that caused the E-Coli.

HYE missed two weeks of school?

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Yes! I cut my thumb when I was trying to scrape a pizza off of the pizza tray. It bled everywhere! Fortunately I didn't need any stitches. Word of advice: when you're scraping pizza off of a tray, use a spatula not a knife! (I used a knife! :slapface: )

HYE burned any food in the oven?

Are you kidding...???? I'm single!! Of course I've burned food... A thousand time's!!! :D

Have you ever burned your mouth on hot food and quickly went to get a drink, only to find out (the hard way) it was hot coffee or hot tea...????? :)

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Yes (mascara)

HYE made a quilt?

Yes. I made a couple for my grandkids and one for a raffle for my car club. I am working on one for myself made out of my old girl scout t-shirts. Never wore them anymore but couldn't bear to get rid of them so I decided to make a blanket out of them.

HYE made Christmas ornaments for your friends?

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