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TSRTS 1976 vs TSRTS 2007?


TSRTS 1976 vs TSRTS 2007?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer....

    • TSRTS original soundtrack 1976
    • TSRTS remastered 2007

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This is a tough one. I like the originality of the '76 one and it brings back some good memories , but love the more complete '07 version and the better clarity in sound. I have both and actually alternate watching them. But overall, I picked the '07 version.

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theres already a topic to this i believe. but new one because it has more songs. it sucks that its edited though >:( although the only good thing about the edited TSRTS is the end of Stairway To Heaven, when he says "Not to roll, not to roll!" i absolutely love that. but what i really want are all the songs uneditted. hell give me all three nights unedited. okay im gonna stop before i Ramble (On)rolleyes.gif

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I prefer the old one, although the new one has more songs. But the original album doesn't have the horrid cut in No Quarter, plus a nice jam from the same song from the 27th. The sound of the instruments sound clear and balenced, compared to the loud and overdone release by Kevin Shirley.

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I like the 2007 version if for no other reason than Since I've Been Loving You is now added. That version with Jimmy's fiery opening solo is what made me a Zeppelin fan for life. It always perplexed me that the song was left off the original soundtrack.

I made my own "Song Remains The Same" that echoes the film but also includes some tracks from How The West Was Won. It looks something like:

Disc One

Rock And Roll (TSRTS 2007)

Black Dog (TSRTS 2007)

Since I've Been Loving You (TSRTS 2007)

Over The Hills And Far Away (HTWWW)

The Song Remains The Same

The Rain Song

Going To California

The Ocean (TSRTS 2007)

No Quarter

Disc Two

Dazed And Confused (HTWWW)

Heartbreaker (HTWWW)

Moby Dick (TSRTS 2007)

Dancing Days

Whole Lotta Love (HTWWW)

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