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  1. blindwillie127

    Best Stairway

    At 6 seconds in you see Pages guitar cord get nearly yanked out by Plant (I'm assuming)....yikes!
  2. blindwillie127

    Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    I am convinced that Southampton was not the only show multi tracked by Eddie Kramer during their '73 UK run. Not only is Trentham a superior performance but it is recorded better than Southampton. Sounds like an unbalanced rough mix from a multi track to me. No way in hell this is a soundboard. Nope.
  3. blindwillie127

    Pontiac Silverdome Footage

    Yes, but if that person who has it is rich they'd have no incentive to make money from it. I believe the person who supposedly has a copy (other than Page) was a major league baseball player (name escapes me) who's a huge Zeppelin fan. Also, didn't Grant say that they'd viewed the tape and then destroyed it because it looked/sounded like shit? Of course, I don't believe they destroyed it , but it 'was' definitely (and probably still is) in Page's possession. The Pontiac concert was a landmark show for them so I seriously doubt that they'd have burned it, or lost it along the way. Since they managed to hold on to Seattle then my guess is they have Pontiac as well, lying around in the vault somewhere. I can't imagine it looking or sounding worse than Seattle, but you never know. The real shame is that the only pro-shot video we have of Zeppelin from 1977 is from their most anemic show of the tour...thats some shit luck right there..for them...and us.
  4. blindwillie127

    top 5 favorite No Quarters

    I don't know why, but i never realized how goddamn good this is. The sound is great and it's really an epic performance of this song all around. Page is in the zone, from beginning to end.
  5. blindwillie127

    What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...'The Immigrant Song'. They opened up with that song for two straight years from July 1970 to July 1972. Plant did no pre-show warmup exercises for his voice and hit that song cold every time, and wailed on it balls to the walls for 2 yrs in a row. That combined with a number of other factors such as his life style and his personal technique of singing is the culprit, IMHO.
  6. blindwillie127

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    If your feeling rundown/lethargic, just put this track on....it'll perk you right up!
  7. blindwillie127

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

    If you really think about it, it has to be Kashmir. I find many Zeppelin songs/riffs to be exotic, but nothing on the level of this swirling dirge Masterpiece in any way.
  8. blindwillie127

    Current music recommendations

  9. blindwillie127

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Never noticed Plants "Royal Orleans" remark while introducing JPJ here.
  10. I think 'Ded Zeppelin' would be the appropriate title for that.
  11. blindwillie127

    Good cover songs

  12. blindwillie127

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    I think "he was only really able to tap into it with the other three". Which to me, is totally understandable, and in a way, even more special. And, lets not forget the importance of Peter Grant to Page (in particular) and Led Zeppelin as an entity. In other words: he couldn't have tapped into it without the other four.
  13. blindwillie127

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I've always felt that Swan Song really deserved a JPJ string arrangement to take it to the next level. Of course, Plants lyrics/vocals would have also greatly enhanced everything as well, but I guess he was just wasn't feeling it. Its understandable as the song does meander about a bit too much, but given the proper attention by the whole band, I think it could have been a good LZ song, and at the very least, a great outtake. As is though? Its just missing too much for me to ever get excited about. The song is a little too grandiose and needed to be tightened up and pieced together in a more fluid manner, IMO.
  14. blindwillie127

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    James Gadson has to be the coolest fucking drummer ever. He's also probably played on more hit singles than anybody ever as a session player.
  15. blindwillie127

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Thats just fucking awesome Porgie!
  16. blindwillie127

    How The West Was Won Remastered Reviews/Thoughts

    Wow! I have serious Zeppelin envy over the shows you've seen of this band. Maybe one day we'll be able to upload memories to youtube cause I want yours
  17. blindwillie127

    How The West Was Won Remastered Reviews/Thoughts

    So, I just cranked the ever loving shit out of Bring It On Home on the first listen.... I feel like I've been hit by a taser. The unmatched finesse & power of this band is being represented so well on this remaster that its a revelation. I gave no fucks about a goddamn HTWWW remaster.....boy, was I wrong Go Jimmy, go.
  18. blindwillie127

    How The West Was Won Remastered Reviews/Thoughts

    This new remaster sounds so fucking good its frightening. Feels like your your getting punched in the gut and slapped in the face at the same time. Im cranking the shit out of it on my very powerful old school stereo system and Im getting my fucking face melted. That beautiful syncopated bass line that JPJ is laying down during the solo to OTHAFA with Bonham locked tight on his ass is just unreal magical shit. God this band was powerful.
  19. blindwillie127

    Good cover songs

    Crank It!!!
  20. blindwillie127

    In the Evening lyrics

    My guess is that Page was chasing the dragon and doing speed balls...thats what I'd be doing anyways. It should be noted that Plant was a coke addict until the day his son died, and Bonham was probably doing more crazy shit than Page was. Personally, I've never paid much attention to Zeppelin's lyrics because to me it was always about just the unique sound of his voice, his phrasing and delivery and of course that Plant mystique that permeated every Zeppelin album. I don't care about the lyrics to STH, Kashmir, ALS, Carouselambra, or most of their songs to be honest. It just sounds fucking cool! And that, you can't beat. However, when I listen to Steely Dan I'm always wondering what the fuck their songs are about because their lyrics were so fucking amazing. And ya' know what....? they were chasing the dragon too! Time Out of Mind