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  1. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Whoa, Jimmy Sakurai left Led Zepagain and formed his own tribute band. Seen them with him and he has the moves as well as the live notes down pat... Have to check out his tribute group when the opportunity presents itself.
  2. Moonchild - Winston remasters new label?

    Arigatou Osaka...very natural sounding. The fills of the second source in the gaps is very well done. Not as jarring transitions like in Empress Valley's You Were There In Spirits. The latter though is a bit more upfront and brighter. Winston's Remaster is easier on the ears.
  3. Moonchild - Winston remasters new label?

    Listened to the first disc of Badgeholders.... In comparison to Eddie, the sound is more expansive and extending out across the speakers. Both are clean. Excellent overall. For new collectors or those on a tight budget, the Moonchilds are good bang for the buck. At least they use the appropriate year pics for their artwork. On another note, I picked up The Rolling Stones "KBFH" title. Superb stereo...best release of the 1973 FM broadcast I have on other discs.
  4. Hoarding Live Zep. .

    Rose Palace, Pasadena 1969. Anaheim 1970. The latter I know the someone who has it. Had a few convos with him back in the mid-1990's. Looking back, he was a total self-important tool. Supposedly two nights of Cincinnati 1977 is out there complete...
  5. New EV DVD collection

    Not at all... The bits I checked out appeared to have come from the source or close to it. For example, New York 1973 does not have that ticker info appearing at the bottom as in its first release on unofficial video releases. Overall, it is well put together even if it is pricey.
  6. Moonchild - Winston remasters new label?

    Sampled Winston's Listen To This Eddie version... Impressive with a three dimensional quality to it with excellent balance and separation. You feel like you are there with the band dead center in the mix. I haven't listened to New Orleans 1973 (The Drag Queen) in a long time. Seamless integration of the audience tape with the soundboard. Overall clean sounding though the board mix sounds thin and a bit garbled.
  7. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs

    I must say that the bootleg LPs being sold on eBay are now priced more than twice and in some cases three times as much as they were before.
  8. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs

    Came across this thread... My first Led-Zeppelin bootleg was a 2 LP set called "Flying High" on the White Knight label. Color cover, wrong date listed as it was the Fillmore West, San Francisco 4/27/69. I purchased it from a mail order place in North Carolina that sold such things. $15 was a lot then for a kid. 35 years later, I still have it and then some... My first CD was "On Tour" which I believe was the first ever release on such a format. Gatefold papercase sleeve, 2 disc set...sourced from the Zurich 1980 soundboard. Again, mail order from a place in Vegas. $75 bones back then. Yes, I still have that too. From those...all hell broke loose. Still haven't stopped.
  9. How'd you get hooked on Led?

    Los Angeles circa 1978... This cat [who looked like a cross between Boston’s Tom Scholz and Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford] was playing on his one channel tape recorder "Custard Pie" and "Kashmir" in succession in school. Intriguing I thought...serious, heavy mantra stuff. At that time, I was into music but not as heavy. I liked The Beatles unaware of any other bands. Listened to an 8-track of KISS at a friend’s house. Cool. Besides those, it was typical pop fare on the AM radio. Then this lovely vision of a girl Leticia Sloan befriended me. Wow. She invited me to hang about at her folks’ house. Hormones at Mach V speed! Got there, she and I decided to rifle through her older brother’s LP collection. There it was… Physical Graffiti in all its sublime presence. Die cut windows with the peep-hole pics. We decided to give it a spin. That was all she wrote. I was hooked. Totally forgot about her at that moment awash in the band’s mind altering sonics. Good thing, older bro was a friend but we did handle the goods with utmost care. Went out to get their catalog starting with "The Song Remains The Same" soundtrack making the trip with my buddy Jaime to a local Licorice Pizza record store [anyone remember those?]. He was big into the band as well. My first mag of them was Circus with the front cover asking "Led-Zeppelin: Are They Still Rock’s Prime Quartet?" which I nabbed at a Safeway. Another pivotal figure in my life was this Australian transfer student Andrew who showed me this three page catalog that sold bootlegs out of North Carolina. At the time, the band just finished their four 1979 gigs in Copenhagen and Knebworth. Hey now…what are these things? I fiddled about enough coin to pick up an LP called "Flying High" which was a 2 LP set recorded at The Fillmore West on 4/27/69. Soundboard of the band at their embryonic primal best. A few months later, it was "Montreal ‘75" a desultory recording but perfectly captured the delirious manic vibe of the audience. Loved those hilarious in between song patter from the recording party. From my collecting fervor took off and hasn’t waned since. Now, it is a nice, healthy little horde that I have assembled. Heck, I even still have several long boxes full of cassettes that covered my collecting period between the LPs and the eventual proliferation of that digital medium...the CD. To this day, I still have all of the items I mentioned and then some… It has been a serious love affair that still burns bright. Obsession? Nah...not in a sense that I try to collect everything but maybe it is because my wallet won’t let me. Things like relationships, a place to live and needing to eat gets in the way. Maybe if I ever hit the lottery. To this day...my hat’s off to Tish, Jamie and Andrew wherever they all are who ushered me to this very satisfying and endearing musical journey with my number one favorite band.
  10. Ben Affleck... Affleck, a longtime Led Zeppelin fan, admits he was desperate to use the track and vigorously pursued the British rockers to win permission, but they asked him to make a very specific change. The film showed actor Tate Donovan putting the needle on a record, and Affleck was asked to change the shot to show the needle being placed on the correct spot on the vinyl to correspond to the song's position on 1971 album Led Zeppelin IV. Affleck agreed and he headed back to the editing suit in order to make the band happy. He tells the Los Angeles Times, "Zeppelin, to me, is the greatest rock 'n' roll band. People say, 'The Beatles, the Stones.' No. It's Zeppelin... So not only did we have to pay for the song, we had to pay for an effects shot. You have to appreciate their attention to detail, though."
  11. Hey! Good to see you too! Thank you for the kind comments.
  12. That is a load of copies for just one album. Never seen anything quite like it. Very nice. All I have is a set of the US versions. I bought a set decades back sans vinyl and bag. I still need to fill three of them methinks.
  13. Grant claimed that the band weren't happy about the quality of the recording that they wiped the tapes. Plant remarked that recordings they made on a Revox player sounded much better. I find it a bit difficult to believe that a meticulous archivist like Page would allow it.
  14. Sad indeed... That epic four hour Boston Tea Party show is only a dream for those who were not there.