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  1. Just came back from seeing Ray Wylie Hubbard. A fun time was had by all! Coming up in September at The Birchmere: 18th - Randy Newman 21st - Valerie June
  2. How long are you there? If you're still there at the end of next week, maybe we could have a cocktail. Well, I'll have a cocktail and you'll have water...
  3. Good grief cp - are you two okay?? Dinner last night was at Osteria Morini near Nats Park. We had sopressata, smoked trout, and gorgonzola dolce for the antipasti. I had the pappardelle with duck ragu. And we had a bottle (or 2) of Montepulciano di Conero 'Piancarda' | Garofoli 2014. I can't possibly have a dry anything at the moment because it's my birthday month!! I will be truly old later this week, so I'm gonna live it up. Because...why not!
  4. Good grief Sean - is that a one-person meal?
  5. Ate at Fat Canary in Williamsburg, VA tonight. Started with a cream of onion soup topped with a variety of mushrooms. Delicious!! Entree was Guinea Fowl with Parmesan Gnocchi, Garlic Rapini and Charred Tomato. Dessert was Parmesan ice cream with figs and a port wine reduction. And there may have been a couple of glasses of a rose from Provence. A fabulous meal!!! And, I'll never eat again.
  6. I second that! Happy Birthday Debbie!! (and that's a lovely cake, Sean)
  7. Oh dear! Take care of yourself paul!! The contest can wait. And...always listen to Sean
  8. Barbara Cook was one of my favorite singers ever. RIP - I'll miss her.
  9. This made me sad. And right after Darren Daulton. Not a good couple of days.
  10. I'm sure he did. He's just been waiting for you to write him... Hope 60 is treating you well. I'll be there in a couple of weeks! Who thought I'd ever be that old...
  11. Mazel tov! Looking at this as a new career, or a supplemental career?
  12. Happy Birthday Rick!! Hope you have a great day and the Os win!!!!
  13. Here's to a wonderful birthday for a wonderful friend! Happy Birthday Sean!!!
  14. Rain. More rain. And still more rain. I'm staying in this weekend so I don't prune.