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  1. It's finished, at last. Probably out in about 5 years. https://variety.com/2021/film/global/led-zeppelin-documentary-bernard-macmahon-1235032389/
  2. You forget how young they all were when they made this which is staggering for such a timeless piece of work. Thanks for this.
  3. Malcolm Dent said he definitely experienced some strange going-ons there but he lived there for a long time and so did his family.
  4. I play Presence a lot. I also really like ITTOD. The trouble with these two albums is that they followed the others, but that doesn't make them bad records. If you combined the two then it would have been truly great. Achilles, Nobody's Fault, Tea For One, In The Evening, Carouselambra, Fool In The Rain, I'm Gonna Crawl.
  5. I think we all need to defer to George because a) He knows his shit and b) He is a fucking awesome drummer in his own right and people need to watch his Youtube videos as proof. They are flawless replications of Bonzo's drumming.
  6. Just had a quick search and apparently it will feature the music that inspired them, the formation of the group up until the moment when Led Zep II knocked Let It Be off the top of the album charts. So 1968 to 1970.
  7. Cannot wait for this. I hope it is at least a couple of hours long and they cover everything. When will it be out? Anyone have a clue please?
  8. I bought a book he wrote about GNR and at least half of it was him sniping at the band, really juvenile and puerile stuff. There was also a Pearl Jam biography he wrote that was so fatous and copy and pasted it might have well as been written by a massive shit from a one year old baby.
  9. Mate, you are so right about Hermann Tilke. I know this is a Zeppelin forum but that man is destroying F1 with his boring circuit designs. There's a reason why Monaco and Spa are the jewels in the F1 crown.
  10. I thought it was even odder that Mick Wall padded his book out with paragraphs full of his dreamt up thoughts members of Zeppelin and Grant would say in ridiculous language and prose, thus singling him out as the worst writer on Planet Fucking Earth. Barney Hoskyns' book knocks it into a tin hat and then cleans it clock with plenty to spare.
  11. Physical Graffiti IV II Led Zeppelin Presence III Houses of the Holy In Through The Out Door Strangely, looking at it and thinking that I play Presence and Physical Graffiti more than than any other. I really think Presence is a great fucking record but if I had to take one album to a desert island then it's Physical Graffiti, hands down. I think it's probably the best record of all time.
  12. Got it for Xmas and finished it yesterday. I thought it was very good and provided me with quite a few bits of information I didn't know. Definitely worth a read.
  13. The one song I keep coming back to from the 02 is For Your Life. I thought that was absolutely brilliant. Page was excellent, Plant loved it and they all had a ball.
  14. Bit harsh on Michael Lee. He wasn't Bonham, but who is? But he was a very, very good drummer. As for Charlie Jones..........................
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