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  1. Just had a quick search and apparently it will feature the music that inspired them, the formation of the group up until the moment when Led Zep II knocked Let It Be off the top of the album charts. So 1968 to 1970.
  2. Cannot wait for this. I hope it is at least a couple of hours long and they cover everything. When will it be out? Anyone have a clue please?
  3. I bought a book he wrote about GNR and at least half of it was him sniping at the band, really juvenile and puerile stuff. There was also a Pearl Jam biography he wrote that was so fatous and copy and pasted it might have well as been written by a massive shit from a one year old baby.
  4. Mate, you are so right about Hermann Tilke. I know this is a Zeppelin forum but that man is destroying F1 with his boring circuit designs. There's a reason why Monaco and Spa are the jewels in the F1 crown.
  5. I thought it was even odder that Mick Wall padded his book out with paragraphs full of his dreamt up thoughts members of Zeppelin and Grant would say in ridiculous language and prose, thus singling him out as the worst writer on Planet Fucking Earth. Barney Hoskyns' book knocks it into a tin hat and then cleans it clock with plenty to spare.
  6. Physical Graffiti IV II Led Zeppelin Presence III Houses of the Holy In Through The Out Door Strangely, looking at it and thinking that I play Presence and Physical Graffiti more than than any other. I really think Presence is a great fucking record but if I had to take one album to a desert island then it's Physical Graffiti, hands down. I think it's probably the best record of all time.
  7. morningson

    New Peter Grant Book

    Got it for Xmas and finished it yesterday. I thought it was very good and provided me with quite a few bits of information I didn't know. Definitely worth a read.
  8. The one song I keep coming back to from the 02 is For Your Life. I thought that was absolutely brilliant. Page was excellent, Plant loved it and they all had a ball.
  9. Bit harsh on Michael Lee. He wasn't Bonham, but who is? But he was a very, very good drummer. As for Charlie Jones..........................
  10. I personally think Jimmy Page should sue the hundreds of band that have ripped off his riffs. What goes around, comes around. This lawsuit is bullshit. I could name (at the very least) two hundred songs off the top of my head that have been nicked by various groups over the last 40 years, and if you ask me to, I will.
  11. I, for one, am grateful to Robert Plant for not agreeing to any more shows. Would anyone in their right mind want Zep to end up like The Stones or The Who? Very old men trading on past glories? The 02 was much needed to cement the legacy of Zeppelin in history after the horror of Live Aid and other subsequent reunions. Plant gets a lot of stick about not wanting to reform the group when it would have been so easy for him to say yes from a purely financial point of view because a Zep tour would have raked in hundreds of millions. And, in any case, Plant's last four years with Led Zeppelin were unbelievably traumatic and tragic. Would you want to revisit that, if that were you? It's time to give Percy a break. The man broke his voice singing for the best band that ever lived and lost even more on a personal level. I think he is the greatest vocalist and front man of any group that has ever existed. And he was Bonzo's best mate.
  12. America loves a lawsuit. And then another. And another. One question though: Stairway was released in 1971. Why did it take them the best part of 40 years to bring it to court? And I'm not being facetious, I'd genuinely like to know.
  13. Michael Lee's death was so sad. He was a tremendous drummer. He wasn't Bonham, but who is? I loved how he played and he always looked like he was having a ball.
  14. All of these are fair points and very true but the entire music industry in the mid 70s was out of control. The amount of drugs and money that was around was insane and the combination of mounds of cocaine and being super rich is deadly. In Grant's defence, this was the new normal. There were no previous eras to look back on and learn from. Everything was big. Record sales, concert attendances, egos, hair, clothes. It was a crazy, crazy time but if I'm honest, it must have been a fabulous time to live through and I'm not sure any decade has been so productive artistically as the 1970s, whether that is musically or film. There was such freedom of expression compared to the very sterile now. With regards to Bindon, it is pretty indefensible to argue against his hiring by Grant, but in Grant's defence by 1977 the number of death threats and sheer amount of people wanting to get near Zeppelin was vast, as was Grant's paranoia. I remember reading (but I'm not too sure where) that Bindon amongst others was taken on the US tour because he literally would have taken a bullet to protect Robert and Jimmy.
  15. It's a fine book, Keith leaves very little out and says it like it was. I do wonder, however, whether Jimmy asked Keith not to mention him in the book when it came to drug use and Keith acquiesced due to their undoubted close friendship. It's no secret that Keith didn't care much for Zeppelin's music, but he did and does care for Jimmy very much, that is unquestionable. Mick Jagger, I'm not so sure about. He and Jimmy seems to have had a bit of a rivalry when it came to the fairer sex. Haha!
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