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  1. After running into this outtake on Youtube (maybe Headley Grange '70?) where the Immigrant Song drum groove transitions perfectly into Bathroom Sound... I began to wonder whether Immigrant Song and Out On The Tiles were initially born as the same jam. Same take, similar tempo in their early stages, similar drum sound and arrangement, Immigrant Song is in F#... Bathroom Sound/OOTT verses are in F#... Does anyone else see it? Or is there any info on the subject
  2. Haha LedZeppfan77 thanks man, dont make me blush! Picture was taken in Berlin two years ago, perfect excuse to show off my (fake) vintage Zeppelin shirt. I wanted to post a picture of me in my other zeppelin shirt in front of a sign that literally said "For Badgeholders Only" (it was a parking spot somewhere), but I can't find it
  3. Yes! Boozed Bonzo voice: "I think at this point football is a load of bollocks!!"
  4. I agree. Not to argue what Jimmy Page says, but to me it sounds like Bonzo... Same kind of raspy, crunchy voice I can hear in banter like the whole diarrhea "he's the only drummer with a commode for a stool" bit (Earls Court?). Anyone agree?
  5. Not sure my reply got through on Pinterest so here I come again: In the picture you posted he's muting the strings. The bang-bang bow section goes something like this: E5... A5... G5... B5... Each chord is banged with the bow, the echo unit catches the sound and Page rapidly muted the strings to avoid any more feedback. The result: E5 BANG-BANG!...bang......bang..... A5 BANG-BANG!...bang...bang..... Without muting the strings, the output would've been something like: BANG-BANNNNNGGGGGG.. Man I hope my point gets through cause this has gotta be my most ridiculous post
  6. Damn right he is sloppy. You know who's not sloppy? Steve Vai. I hope my point gets through
  7. "Vagrant bassist" Maan can't JPJ ever catch a break?
  8. Today, all of my neighbours and myself are going to blast some Levee and IMTOD. In memory of John Henry Bonham, 130 pounds of glory.
  9. It's obviously a guitar effect (or not even an effect), but from now on all I'll hear is a creepy baby laugh!! Argh
  10. I think it made more sense to play For Your Life 40 years later, telling the tale at a proper age you know? Sick Again was a 1975 critique, For Your Life is much more mature and introspective - like old age :-)
  11. There's always that guy. He even had to sign up for the forums
  12. Here's your guy pouring some Tangerine onto my beautiful friend Maria. Guitar players - how do you like my prosthetic G major?
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