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  1. my main electric: http://img59.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img4544bkn8.jpg
  2. ...."To call him a singer is an insult to trained vocalists", Best rock vocalist ever is Ronnie James Dio, wonderfully sounding voice, clearly trained.
  3. you think he sounds like elvis at knebworth, not 99% of people who have heard the gig, yeah he used harmoinsers now and then in a tasteful way, so what ? do you like robert's singing at all ? you posted a few times regarding this thread, and yr tone suggests you don't like him anyway ? it's obvious ronnie dio is far better.
  4. RIP michael lee, like evryone here, im shocked.
  5. robert may of damaged his vocals in his early twenties ? he was the first of his kind, and possibly other singers who he influenced learnt from his mistakes when considering how to maintain their vocals. his vocals at knebworth in '79 where still fantastic, his range and tone changed by the mid '80's, possibly due to him working and pushing his vocals so hard in the first few years with zep. still my favourite vocalist, saw him last year at the 02 show, he put on a great vocal performance.
  6. ..........."But Page wants to make one thing clear about the new project. "Whatever this is, it is not Led Zeppelin," says a rep for Page's management company, QPrime. "Not without the involvement of Robert Plant." he said that ? thank fuck 4 that....
  7. are you some kind of bellend ? plant cannot be replaced, this isn't journey or flipping guns roses or frigging some other hair band, who replace members in their band, so that a few can carry the name forward and sell records due to their loyal fan base. stupid question. no fucker can replace robert in the band. this is all stupid talk by white trash who haven't got anything better to do.
  8. has anyone considered that plant's omission from future zep plans could be a big smokescreen, and the opposite of the statement he made a few weeks ago could be true ? he's had 28 yrs of rabid fans and journalists saying "when are zep getting back together ?" recently, these reunion rumours, have reached fever pitch, how else to quieten these by throwing in a red herring ?
  9. they way the intro seeks the resoultion back to the tonic are completely different in both songs, in sth it's far more satisfying, in taurus, it's somewhat more dissonant, yes for about 2 bars the songs sound similar, everyone who's ever made a living from writing music has been influenced by the music that moves them,
  10. are decent threads exhausted ?
  11. not too old that they won't be able to play their instruments so much, i meant just too old, look at the rolling stones, the stopped making their best music a long time ago, and every 5 years they tour and make silly amounts of money. in a few years time page will be seventy, it's get his old band back together time now, or forget about it.
  12. why must it go on ? it hasn't for 27 years... so why now...i just hope they don't call it led zeppelin.
  13. arhmet ertegun show, 10th dec 2007, 02 arena london
  14. dont fall for the marketing, just buy a historic 57 black beauty for half the price, should you ever consider a black beauty.
  15. an educated guess: chorus of wanton song is a guitar with ettects and studio trickery, one of the effects is a tremolo pedal, it's very prominent here, gives it that in and out sound, similar to some organs (many songs had this, one that springs to mind is let it be guitar solo) black dog is a phaser and page using a long finger nail to scratch one of the strings near the bridge/saddle, again with studio twiddlings. beginning of achilles are electric guitars, surely, imho...
  16. sorry to intrude, i concur with steve, page's best work has been with plant, pure and simple. his work without plant is barely listenable.
  17. lol, yes, my point is there seems to be alot of people arguing and insulting one another, chill out
  18. stop the virtual arguing, it's irritating.
  19. ...you actually know him ? good for you it thats the case.
  20. ......so for being cynical, you say you know the great man ?
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