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  1. Happy New Year ebk. Great idea. It's time to invent beaming. I miss my 20s and 30s when we spent so many nice evenings with friends. Cooking, eating, drinking, laughing.
  2. Happy new year CP. We watched a movie too on NYE. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I love the Potter movies with all the fantastic British actors.
  3. Hey, we had a winter's day last wednesday. Unbelievable. We had snow, wafer-thin, but it snowed. Temperature around zero C. I was wearing a wolly hat, scarf and gloves and it felt like winter. I was happy. Thursday: 13 C
  4. I hope all you Australians are safe and stay safe. The news are heartbreaking.
  5. Wonderful cheesy video. The hot dogs are the best dancing act in any 80s video
  6. We're going to have our traditional New Year's Eve meal: Tafelspitz (boiled beef). A classic dish of the Viennese cuisine. It's served with horseradish sauce, chive sauce, roasted potatos, green beans and a mixed salad. For the dessert I got some kind of French crullers from the bakery. Also a traditional new year's food. Accompanied by a fine Bordeaux and a much finer Crémant d'Alsace. Have a nice New Year's Eve everyone
  7. I agree entirely. There's no christmas without Bach, Händel and my beloved christmas concerto by Arcangelo Corelli.
  8. We spend Heiligabend, the 24th, traditionally with the in-laws. We had duck breast with date sauce, red cabbage and Klöße (dumplings) My mother-in-law is the queen of desserts, cookies and cakes. We had (everything homemade!) - Vanilla ice cream (outstanding) with raspberry sauce (devine) - Tiramisu (outstanding) - Lemon cream (very well) + christmas cookies (simply the best) I really needed a digestive bitter afterwards Today: leftovers Merry christmas to all the fellow zepheads all over the world
  9. LedZed66


    Merry christmas and a happy new sports year ⚽ ⚾ 🏀 🏈 🏒 🏏
  10. LedZed66


    Congratulations to Liverpool to the Club World Cup 🏆 What is Carlo Ancelotti doing at Everton? Kind of semi retirement?
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