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  1. Stuck in my head for days and I love it
  2. Shakshuka: the in-meal of the moment. Fantastic Eggplant (marinated in olive oil and pomegranate juice, oven-baked) with pomegranate seeds and tahini dip Tomato cucumber salad Falaffel (mix from the supermarket. One day I'll try one of the dozen recipes I collected over the years, one day ...) Hummus (from the supermarket, one day ... see above)
  3. Like crepes but slightly thicker and I like them with blueberries also very much. Had to google Apple Butter, sounds terrific. It's slightly different form our apple sauce.
  4. For Gloria I liked the original version of Umberto Tozzi more but in those days I loved Self Control
  5. LedZed66


    I must admit winning the domestic Grand Slam in a strong league like the PL is an accomplishment, yes. But City's Sheiks didn't spend a Billion last summer for the Caribou Cup. They expect the Champions League title. It's Guardiola's 3rd season with City and he didn't deliver the CL title yet. I am pretty sure that's very disappointing for the Sheiks and Pep himself. Let's agree we are happy with both finals It's spectacular and speaks for the strong league.
  6. LedZed66


    All-Premier League affair is correct. But there are a couple of all-League matches. Mostly Primera División of course, los reyes de europa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UEFA_Super_Cup_matches 1993 Parma : Milan 2006 Sevilla : Barcelona 2014 Real Madrid : Sevilla 2015 Barcelona : Sevilla 2016 Real Madrid : Sevilla 2018 Atletico : Real Madrid Very very very well done Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Chelsea And Pep Guardiola will shed a tear or two in Manchester
  7. LedZed66


    Football, bloody hell. I cannot believe it. I'd never ever thought Liverpool are able to beat the 3:0 against Barcelona. Making 4 goals against Barca is incredible but preventing them from shooting a single goal is epic. KLOPPO!!!! 2 consecutive years in CL final is a fantastic achievement. And there will be no Sergio Ramos in Madrid Come on Ajax - they played so very well, they deserved the final, too
  8. Yesterday we had homemade pancakes. We don't eat them at breakfast. It's a typical meal on a Saturday. We eat it with plum compote. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Our pancakes are much thinner than American pancakes, they look like this: Today it's pan fried rose fish with potatoes and a green salad. In the evening a wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon is waiting for me 🍷
  9. I didn't see the Langella version but the music is great, John Williams never disappoints. From 1979 I loved Love at first bite. My sister had this one on video, we watched it many times. I found the movie soooo funny.
  10. Ridiculous. Ok, maybe I shouldn't judge from these 3 seconds that are shown in the video but I cannot see these ballet moves fit to the music in any way. Let's be happy that there is no Rolling Stones musical. The ballet seems to have the original music at least.
  11. Always got the impression that women liked this Dracula version more than men did. Gary Oldman was a cool and sexy Dracula, the movie was stylish and elegant. Men found it pretty lame. I love the soundtrack, fantastic orchestration. Very well done, Wojciech Kilar.
  12. ^ nice My Pyramid vinyl crackled like a campfire but I loved the album anyway
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