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    Charles Trenet: La mer
    The Beatles: A day in the life
    The Rolling Stones: Can't you hear me knocking
    Supertramp: Hide in your shell
    Fleetwood Mac: Sara
    The Specials: Ghost town
    Kate Bush: Cloudbusting
    The Style Council: Shout to the top
    Die Fantastischen Vier: Tag am Meer
    Led Zeppelin: Since I've been loving you

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  1. LedZed66


    Milan:Liverpool is one of the best CL finals ever. An epic, nerve wracking battle. I almost switched off the TV at half time because I didn't want to see Berlusconi's Milan win. So I nearly missed this spectaculous match. ManU:Bayern is our favorite because schadenfreude is such a great pleasure Benfica with the wonderful Eusebio. He's buried at the National Pantheon in Lisbon. That's cool. We can go back to 1959-60: Real Madrid:Eintracht Frankfurt at Hampden Park. 7:3 - 3 goals by Di Stefano, 4 by Puskas. Attendance: 127.000
  2. Exactly my thoughts. I never liked Exile. The sound is so dreadful, dull, flat, dry, sh*t. The only song I like is Ventilator Blues, I don't like any other song from that record. Sticky Fingers is the only album comparable to Zeps catalog. IMO IMTOD blows every Stones song away - and I'm a huge Stones fan too
  3. LedZed66


    Fantastic. Do they have a one for Sharingham, too? A highlight of the century, definitly, CP. We watch the last 10 minutes from time to time. Too funny. I think hating certain football clubs is as important as loving clubs 😈
  4. LedZed66


    My favorite CL final
  5. LedZed66

    Soundtrack Music ~ Movies, TV, Etc.

    I was 11/12 by the time SNF came out, but it was X rated, so there was no way to watch the coolest stuff on the planet in the cinema I played the soundtrack bazillion times over the last 40 years. IMO this is some of the best produced pop music ever
  6. LedZed66

    Make me laugh!

  7. LedZed66

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    That's very nice, ebk and a great idea We spent a wonderful NYE with our friends at their place but I had to listen to a 4 cd compilation of indie rock I wish you and yours a very happy new year. I wish everyone a very happy 2019, of course
  8. LedZed66

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    It's Party Time I wish everyone a happy New Year's Eve - see you next year in this fine thread. Groove is in the heart!
  9. LedZed66

    Star Trek

    DS9 has it's moments but I can't stand the last 3? seasons, they are all about war and religion. There is only one cool Q in this universe and he creates nice gadgets for James Bond
  10. LedZed66

    you guys like memes?

    this one looks great