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  1. Maybe but it’s a direct quotation so you would assume they used a recording device to get it down correctly.
  2. It’s sad that he doesn’t remember anymore when his first two albums came out
  3. This is accurate and taken from the following link... ”After the 1993 expansion of the arena's seating capacity Jimmy Page and Robert Plant set the all time Civic Arena concert attendance record drawing 17,764 fans for their appearance on March 25 1995.” https://sites.google.com/site/pittsburghmusichistory/pittsburgh-music-story/venues/civic-arena
  4. Naw bro, I grew up in Pittsburgh and the maximum concert attendance indoors there was about 18,000. I think Plant/Page drew about that much in 1995 and that was the max ever held at the civic arena. I was too young in 1975 to see LZ but I’ve seen a lot of shows there and no way could it have seated 25,000 or more people
  5. JPJ did an interview in 2003 with a Swedish journalist (on YT). Might be what you’re referring to. In it, he says in 1980 there was a renewed optimism in the band, that they had come out of the worst time and that they were leaner and more musically sharp and were looking forward to the ‘80s.
  6. Once you become successful as an artist, and you don’t have that hunger of striving to “make it,” you become someone total different. Great artists are always chasing their ghosts. But you can never be what you once were.
  7. No, this is not the trial. This is oral argument on the appeal in front of the entire Ninth Circuit en banc panel. The appeals court decision ordering a retrial based on error has been vacated and this new panel will be deciding the appeal by Skidmore...
  8. I thought it was Body on Tap, that beer-infused shampoo....although I’d guess he was using the hemp and coke infused version...
  9. Yeah, it's horrible all around, but it's also one thing to be making new music under the current law and application, and it's another thing for a 50-year-old composition to be suing a 48-year-old composition and applying current standards...not just horrible, but ridiculous....
  10. https://youtu.be/jGKYCK3YAmg This guy has done a lot of work to debunk Taurus’ copyright claims...
  11. Lol...infinite monkeys, butterfly effects....one person’s painting of every number to infinity and the other’s remastering their oeuvre to infinity...sweet...whatever gives them purpose....who cares, you don’t have to spend money on it...but the fact that there’s a website dedicated to Jimmy’s life work and both of us are on it, pretty much tells you all you need to know...
  12. Led Zeppelin was Jimmy’s life work and he was always striving to catch the essence of it his whole life. Nothing wrong with that. He’s like the Polish painter Roman Opalka who’s life work was painting the numbers one through infinity and trying to find different ways to express that. Opalka acknowledged that the body of his work was that one single thing. The last number he painted was like 5, 607, 000 or something. Jimmy’s problem was that, unlike an infinite set of numbers, there were a very limited set of musicians who could be and do what he wanted. He was very very lucky to catch that once. It’s ok because most of us will never have even that. You should feel joy for him, not sadness.
  13. I’m not a big fan yet. Forget the LZ comparisons or borrowings, their songwriting leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. There are other contemporary rock bands that produce better songs. In my opinion, if you’re going to borrow the sounds of 70s classic rock, your songwriting better be up to snuff because those were amazing songs, and you’ll suffer in comparison. I hope they move on and find their own sound. My two cents.
  14. I might be mistaken, but I don’t believe his video was created by the Zeppelin camp. It was created for a MTV Zep weekend celebration coinciding with the release of the 1990 box set. I always believed at the time that it was done by MTV.
  15. 107.7 The Bone in SF still did Get The Led Out as recently as last year
  16. The license to misremember things or to make up **** gets expanded the older one gets and the more drugs one has done....
  17. Just saw this on YT...I don’t know if this interview was published anywhere else...it’s about the first album only
  18. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/jimmy-page-says-fans-will-definitely-be-getting-stuff-from-him-in-2019/ summary from the interview above: “I’ll be seen to be playing in 2019”...lol
  19. Yawn....this 50th is just dead... https://www.apnews.com/0136942826ba49daad261644bcf9147c
  20. Tough one... Ramble On Over the Hills.... The Rain Song Misty Mountain Hop Stairway to Heaven Thats the Way Since I’ve been loving you Ten Years Gone Whole Lotta Love Dazed & Confused
  21. Would add WLL/The Crunge from 3-21-75...he kills it....goes on for at least four minutes...one of my favorites
  22. http://ledzeppelinconcert.com/ saw this site through Twitter, so I’m sharing...no chance of this happening but it’s a good idea imo....
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