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  1. Thanks for that. Another attendee claims that after the show a limo pulled up to the venue. They said they exclaimed, "Wow! Nice limo" and a gentleman walking past them from behind replied "Thanks!" as he quickly got in and was driven away. That gentleman was Jimmy Page.
  2. Possibly Oct 15, 1980...00801015 is on the front cover above the logo, and there seems to be an emphasis on the Over Europe '80 tour. Of course if there is any solo related content then not 1980.
  3. Most of the Hollywood celebs who may have been fans 1968-1980 are all dead now. Most of the Hollywood celebs who have become fans 1990-2020 I've never heard of. 😃
  4. Fact: America was 88.6 percent white in 1960. Let that sink in.
  5. You should take your own advice. 😉 WHO Releases New Tightened Guidelines Regarding The Diagnostic Criteria For COVID-19. PCR Positive No Longer Means You Have COVID-19. You Need A Second Test To Confirm You Have The Virus | Tech News | Startups News - WorldNewsEra
  6. I'm alluding to lowering the flag to half-mast for a week, not vaccinations. Bear in mind the WHO, in collusion with the Biden administration, changed the threshold for what constitutes a positive test result effective the day of his inauguration. That action alone results in a statistical decrease, which was the intent.
  7. Cellphones and technology (Face Time, webcams, etc). have also drastically reduced the effectiveness of the dating world's "No Contact Rule". It used to be if a guy (or girl) went strict no contact for at least 30 days it may salvage the relationship for the better. However, with technology she is going to be experiencing thousands of validation points from online dating and dozens of dates with dozens of men if so inclined. She's going to become a strung out DOPAMINE junkie and to the extent that she even remembers your name enough to reach out she's going to realize you're offering her somet
  8. They're nice to have when riding trains or sitting in airport terminals -- I get that -- but to be on one at all times is just ridiculous. I thought it'd be helpful while out shopping for collectibles -- to pull up inventory lists or price references, whatever -- but the small keys , etc. -- I don't have the time or the patience for that. I don't like laptops either but if I connect a keyboard and a mouse I can bear with it. However, I have found laptops are a pain in the ass to travel with.
  9. 15% of those 500,000 deaths occurred during Biden's first 30 days in office. I don't normally ascribe such things to a President, but by his own logic...
  10. Phone addiction is off the charts. They're on them everywhere. They don't mean to be rude, it's just compulsive.
  11. "Symbolism over substance" an iconic radio commentator would say.
  12. I have one rule for everyone when dining out and that is anyone who so much as looks at a fucking cellphone at the table during our meal will never dine with me again. If they want or need to excuse themselves to make or take a call that's fine, but not at the table. It's disrespectful to the occasion, to the others and to me.
  13. This is one of his Newcastle shots, just to give you an idea how close and great they are.
  14. There's a lifelong collector named Steve Jones (of Manchester) who attended this gig and undoubtedly took countless photos. I purchased about 200 shots from various nights on the '88 UK tour from him. I probably have his Manchester shots but if so they are packed away until I can locate them.
  15. Fact is Texas is capable of producing more energy than it consumes, and could be doing so now were it not for FEDERAL environmental laws and state environmental targets. So yes, in a roundabout way "the people" got what they wanted but it is the result of a social issue (wacko environmentalism) in my opinion.
  16. I've seen them live several times through the years, and you're right about 1989-1990, so I'm comfortable with just saying the 1989 Steel Wheels Tour. I see now we can also suggest a "dream tour" as opposed to tours that actually happened, and on that note I would say a 1969 Led Zeppelin / Rolling Stones package tour.
  17. Sakura Miyawaki HKT48 Sashihara Rino and Miyawaki Sakura Funny Cut #1 / HKT48トンコツ魔法少女学院 130702 - YouTube
  18. Oh, that's a good question that is difficult to answer. ALL things considered -- venues, locations, hotels -- I think I'd have to choose The Rolling Stones 1989-90 Steel Wheels World Tour. They were at the height of their popularity and that one really set the standard for all world tours since, in my opinion.
  19. Nowadays they tend to sell for $150 to $200 USD when available.
  20. I want to provide an apolitical response so all I will say is these deaths are what happens when you have a society obsessively focused on social issues as opposed to infrastructure.
  21. I can hear his father in his voice.
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