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  1. Going forward provided you don't need to travel outside of the confines of whatever country you're in or work for a living you'll be fine.
  2. There is no education, merely indoctrination: keep your submission muzzles on and trust authority figures. I could go into the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System and Luciferase but nah, the sheeple are already lining up.
  3. I would not have implemented the use of exorbitantly high cost experimental vaccines that require special handing and distribution systems that aren't in place. I would have used the US government's existing stockpile of hydroxychloroquine and achieved herd immunity at a cost of about .64 cents a person. This was never a genuine public health emergency and has nothing to do with the virus. Further proof of this is that on Day 1 of Beijing Biden's presidency CNN dropped their death tracker and the WHO changed the threshold of what constitutes a positive test.
  4. Music Spotlight Collector's Edition: Led Zeppelin (Autumn 2020) (USA)
  5. I'd be pleased if Americans would learn to speak and write in English. I've never concerned myself with the opinions of "citizens of the world". The National Anthem could be a lot better (a different song) but then so could the nation itself.
  6. PERSPECTIVE How great was Hank Aaron? Take away his 755 home runs...he still finishes his career with more than 3,000 hits. 😮
  7. It can but determining first pressings can be somewhat complex. It's important to note that for day of release, multiple pressing plants would have manufactured records. So, if they are all making records at the same time, but in different parts of the country, who is considered "first"?Presswell probably made the most copies. Other pressing companies who made vinyl Led Zeppelin records through the years include Monarch, Specialty, Columbia Terre Haute, Columbia Pitman, and later on Philips in Richmond, IN.For example, the earliest pressings of Led Zeppelin I were made simultaneously at Pressw
  8. She looks Iranian, with features similar to most Iranian women. If they're lucky! It'll probably sell far, far less than those releases. This is a truly niche market release. It's meant to be something they could co-experience/create together, with little to no regard for sales figures. They remain good friends to this day. One of the great things about Jimmy's photo book is it shared some photos from that era.
  9. ST-A-681461-PR ST = stereoA = Atlantic Records label68 = last two digits of the year Atlantic first received source (tape) and started working on mastering1461 = tape master number (for side one in this example)PR = Presswell pressing plant A = Atlantic AT = Mastered by/for Atlantic W = Audiodisc lacquer brand LWP = LongWear Plating RP = probably the Laquer-Cutting Engineer's initials RG = Rob Grenell, Mastering Engineer for Atlantic in the late 60s
  10. Research shows 1 out of every 8 people in the world is a Chinese woman, so in addition to getting the shot you may learn something new about yourself. The reason is your local, state and federal government have an equity fetish: Vaccine Equitable Distribution (pa.gov)
  11. Everybody says a dog is man's best friend. I tell you what, don't feed that bastard for a week...
  12. Ayaka Arai of NiziU NiziU AYAKA「Make you happy」M/V MAKING FILM - YouTube
  13. 森高千里 『SNOW AGAIN』 (PV) - YouTube Snow Again This year’s winter looks chilly, the first snow has already fallen Seeing the flurry of snowflakes, I remember last year’s winter It was a wintry morning when they saw you off at your home I didn’t say a word I want to see you again, just once, to say I love you I want to be with you, just one more time, before the snow stops falling On our way home on Christmas eve, we held hands just once, didn’t we Even before we had set up
  14. I'd say $75.00-$125.00 if in EX condition or better.
  15. Yes. Ok, I see what appears to be a - A in the thumbnail for the video.
  16. FILE UNDER: LED ZEPPELIN MASTER LP Side 1: Heartbreaker medley incl. BoureeSide 2: Stairway To Heaven Recording: Very good stereo professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording. Source: In Concert, Paris Theatre, London, England Apr. 1 '71. Comments: Comes in file folder. Large black & white photo labels. White vinyl. Not from Mar. 25.
  17. For the - A look in the dead wax (the area between the grooves and the label). The video seems to show the label and the grooves but not the dead wax.
  18. 1st presses of LZ I have -A or -AA cutting letters in the deadwax. A = Atlantic records 681461 = the first two letters seem to indicate the year released (1968). "PR" Presswell Records Manufacturing CompanyWhitehorse Pike & Ehrke Rd.Ancora (Winslow TWP), NJ 08095 The "PR" in the matrix # denotes Presswell Records Manufacturing Company, founded as a domestic for profit company during October of 1958 and operated as a large vinyl pressing plant in Ancora, New Jersey until it ultimately ceased operations during the 1990s.Its name sometimes appear
  19. It's definitely NOT Boleskine House. I've been there a few times as well and the width of Loch Ness is far greater than that shown in the photo.
  20. A beloved LA icon. Absolutely. What impressed me most about Tommy Lasorda is he never took that for granted. He earned it!
  21. The young lady that was shot in the neck was never given a warning shot, she was just shot point blank. The Capital Security Officers did say for people to back up and get away from building now but this gal may have been unaware. The reason I mention this is because of the sheer shock on her face that she was shot. Her words that followed were "I'm fine , it's cool". I believe she thought they used rubber bullets like those used on Antifa and BLM , but on Trump supporters (live rounds and) not even a warning shot. -- Kate Housington
  22. No, she isn't. She's quite dead. She died the day after her publicist erroneously reported her death.
  23. Stormed?! More like a bunch of Duck Dynasty extras in flannel shirts carrying flags invited themselves in and took selfies. I've seen the photos of the interior. A broken window here and there, a couple of overturned chairs and a few missing signs. Big fucking deal. I've seen Super Bowl parties get more out of control. I don't condone it, but you should probably save the hyperventilating posts for when they are appropriate. If I'm a betting man, such days are coming soon.
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