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  1. Stryder, used to take tape recorders in alll the time. My teenage objective was simply to be able to listen to the show a few times later on. Posterity was not on my mind as I would have taken better care recording, used best tapes available and stored properly. Many of the shows I recorded over. I know, wow. Not Zep but many, many other late 60s thru mid 80's from Yes to Trower to Crimson to Ten Years after and in between. The recording mentioned above is 72 altho I did also tape Mtl. 75 and a couple of shows NYC 77. An early show on the debut RP US tour in 83 (Detroit), had two recorders. One tucked in the back of my pants covered by tshirt and one in my boot just in case.
  2. Yes, my tape is one of the two. The one with lots of drop outs. Traded the masters back in the eighties for a rp concert I was desperate for that had a performance of Far Post. In hindsight, I shoulda kept them. I've located the original cassettes in Pennsylvania and am planning to get them back and over to a friend who has expertise in mixing to see if sound quality improvement is possible.
  3. Great read, Zep porn at its best. Thanks, Stryder. 1972 was first one for me, and your account helped recalling the feeling of chaotic and intense excitement in the air present all night in the Montreal Forum. The band was stellar. Managed to tape the show and always have a listen on the anniversary.
  4. Sounds like Jimmy Durante, maybe he was brought in for the session. His "swansong" before he died in 1980. ;-) Also sounds like a precursor to the death metal cookie monster vocal style.
  5. Later revisited with the Firm. Awesome, imagine tho had it been fully fleshed out and recorded back in the day as a Zep track.
  6. Could be that some of these purported songs ended up inspiring Black Country Communion material as well. Personally, I don't hear anything I would consider an amazing riff on those discs tho. In terms of a Howard Stern interview, I can just imagine. So Jimmy, how old was Lori..... when..... , and it goes down hill from there.
  7. Another review of the album by the Toronto Sun http://www.torontosun.com/2014/08/28/robert-plant-new-pornographers-top-this-weeks-cd-reviews ALBUMS OF THE WEEK Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar 4 stars out of 5 You can love what Robert Plant did with Led Zeppelin. But like it or not, you have to respect what he’s done since. And where’s he’s gone. For much of the last three decades — and most of the past 10 years — the leonine rocker who sang Ramble On has continued to embody that lyric in more ways than one. Content neither to rest on laurels nor trade on past glories, Plant has remained a restless seeker, chasing a muse that has led him around the globe — literally and stylistically — from blues and Americana to electronica and world music. But with his 10th solo album, it’s finally starting to come together for Percy. In the musical sense, at least. The floridly typographed but fittingly titled lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar (out Sept. 9) finds the inveterate traveller opening his bags, unpacking his massive accumulation of sonic souvenirs and stylistic keepsakes, and arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing display that balances contrasting and complementary influences. Many may already be familiar to those who have been paying attention to Plant’s various pan-cultural missives from near and far over the years. There’s rustic Mississippi Delta blues and its desert-dry North African counterpart; earthy Appalachian string fare and lilting Tuareg melodies; exotic trance-grooves along with trip-hoppy electronic loops and beats; Leadbelly standards and traditional numbers peppered between new originals. All of it has been skillfully and stylishly rendered by some former frequent fliers — a reconstituted version of his previous band Strange Sensation, working with an arsenal blending traditional American and African instruments with circuitry and programming. It’s swirly and jangly, dreamy and hazy, dusty and buzzy — in short, it’s a dark, richly textured backdrop for Plant’s intimately restrained moan and typically restless lyrics of embracing the inevitability of change, willingly burning down the house of love and moving on to new distant lands (along with at least one recycled Zep line for old time’s sake). Favouring mood over bombast and tension over release, it is far from his boldest and most extroverted work; cathartic choruses are few and far between, guitar heroics are minimal and the first big power-chord crash doesn’t come until the fourth song. But make no mistake, it’s well worth the wait. And well worth your time. This is a disc that not only grows on you, it’s one that reveals its treasures over time, disclosing new secrets and surprises with each spin. After all, with Plant, it’s always about the journey — even when he’s finding a way to retrace his steps while continuing to move forward. Enjoy it while you can — it won’t be long before he’s gone, gone, gone again. The New Pornographers Brill Bruisers
  8. Liking it much, much more than the first couple of listens. Maybe this bodes well for some staying power on my playlist anyways. The reason for the Zep and P/P quotes might be to sum up, take a bow and exit stage right as a solo artist perhaps Am in the corner with those who are positive on the album. In terms of the upcoming tour, it could be a bit of a snooze fest. But then RP has been known to surprise. Toronto date has been sold out for awhile - may pop down from Ottawa on impulse the day of the show if I am "In the Mood" and give the local scalpers a trade.
  9. On the subject of player apps for Android, my experience is that neither the stock music player nor the popular N7 player are able to process the 24/96 high res music on a powerful Nexus quad core tablet. There is significant lag and clipping. For a great listening experience, I have found that Neutron is the best player. Works flawlessly and according to the app description, it is targeted more toward the audiophile. App is worth the $5 and you can try it for free. http://neutronmp.com/ FWIW,
  10. A missed opportunity, apparently recently too. http://uproxx.com/music/2014/05/this-guy-passed-out-and-missed-his-chance-to-meet-dave-grohl-and-john-paul-jones/
  11. Hilarious! Check the note sent by one reader, and the "critic's response. Good entertainment value. Probably the lamest review of Led Zeppelin ever. I wrote the following to the "reviewer". His response follows and is even more pathetic: It does not surprise me in the least that your review of these remasters completely misses the mark. Before even reading the article, reading your byline and seeing "Pop music critic" I can already guess that this article will seem as though it were written by a high school student as part of their homework assignment. You don't disappoint my... » more 1 hour ago 0 Likes Like Reply Share Flag ilevene Rank 0 Here's his response: His response: Roberts, Randall To Me Today at 2:20 PM Duly noted, and thanks. Opinions: everyone has them! The difference: mine is published, and yours is headed to the circular file. Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading all the way through despite yourself. I'll take your advice and start shopping my resume pronto. Best, Randall PS: Deep Purple sucks.
  12. Little story from Tony Iommi from a few years back. Remembering Bonzo today, and every day.
  13. Full Whole Lotta Love Rough Mix now up on Spotify. https://play.spotify.com/album/5CtFBdyCogM2p53Cx0r9ai ooops sorry old news,
  14. Jimmy Page previews tracks in New York - Article May 13, 2014 Some interesting details, see article http://www.torontosun.com/2014/05/13/jimmy-page-previews-led-zeppelin-bonus-tracks-in-new-york
  15. Interesting trailer for the movie A Shot of Whiskey the story of Whiskey A GoGo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FsrGZf8hw1U Led Zep and RP discussed 3:20
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