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Natural home remedies that youy've tried with success


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For bronchitus:

Drink a 40 of Cognac over three days, gargle with it and drink it whenever you cough or feel a scratchy throat take it.

I tried this after a few years of bronchitus in a row...

the prescription pills lasted three weeks on my last bout with bronchitus I had a feeling that Cognac could get the job done so I bought a bottle and after only 3 days my bronchitus was cured and I haven't had bronchitus since and that was over 20 years ago.

For a root canal :

I was in a lot of pain as I could fell my third root canal coming up. I called the dentists' office on Friday. The secretary told me it would have to wait till Monday and suggested that I take a cup of lukewarm water with a half teaspoon of salt and rinse my mouth twice a day for two minutes as it will ease the pain.

I figured if I increase the amount of salt and time it could kill the bacteria itself. So I started off with a cup of lukewarm water and 4 tablespoons of salt. I rinsed for 15 minutes every hour till I went to sleep.

When I woke up on Saturday there was no more pain however I figured might as well keep this going till Sunday night. On Monday morning I called the dentist office and cancelled the root canal.

That happened over 20 years ago I haven't had a problem since until a few weeks ago when I could feel that root canal pain starting up again. So I started with the salt and water treatment again with only about 5 minutes of rinsing ever 2 within two days the pain disappeared.

50 cents of salt sparred me from paying hundreds of dollars or more these days for a root canal.

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This was something my grandmother made my mother and uncle do whenever they were feeling sick and it worked for them, so it's something my mom made my sister and I do as well

If you're feeling like you might be having an attack of gas pains in your stomach, drink warm ginger ale quickly to induce belching. You may have to belch a couple times, but it'll expel that gas and presto - no more pain. It has to be warm, though. Cold ginger ale doesn't work.

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