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Jason Bonham's wedding pics


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I usually don't start any new topics on this board, but I found a long time forgotten DVD with some pics of Jason Bonham's wedding day. These are some snapshots I made years ago from a DVD of an interview with Robert Plant, I think this interview was from the time he released Manic Nirvana, but I can't be sure, because I haven't seen this interview for years. :slapface: Anyway, I'm pretty sure I shared these pics on the old board, but as I think I never posted them here, well, I think some of you may like to see them. :) It's always great to see JP, RP, JPJ and JB sharing a stage, right? ;) And to see Peter Grant with them is also a pleasure. :)

Forgive me for the bad quality of the pics, but remember they were taken directly from the DVD with the interview with Robert (btw, a really bad quality DVD :angry: ) Some of the pics are mirrored too :blink: . Well, anyway there they are:












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brspled, these are great! Everyone looks so happy and the ones with Peter Grant are great:-)

They are great, aren't they, Debora? ;) Seeing them so happy on these pics put a smile on my face too. Glad you liked them! :thumbsup:

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April 28, 1990

Wedding: St. Mary's Parish Church in Stone, England

Reception: Heath Hotel in Bewdley, England

Bride: Jan Charteris

Groom: Jason Bonham

Honeymoon: Hawaii

OK, Steve, now we have the data too. :)

Direct from SAJ's and brspled's archives....... :P:D;)

*edited for mispelling -sorry!

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