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Get The Led Out

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Do you know that radio "show" segment. around 9 EST, some radio stations play Get The Loud which is a nationally brodcasted song dedicated to Zeppelin. on sundays they do an hour show. the host is some girl named Carol Miller

"Get the Led Out" has been broadcast for years. Carol Miller is a very well known dj who used to be with WNEW-FM in NYC.

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Growing up in Chicago, if you wanted to listen to classic rock, you turned on WLUP. You can still listen to it online, thank God....for those rare moments I want to listen to a terrestrial radio station. Anyway, as someone pointed out, they do "Get The Led Out" at 8pm CST and I can remember sitting there waiting for them to play Levee, although they rarely did. They played Stairway and Kashmir all the damn time, though. <_<

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for years 96.1 in mobile, al. would do their own version.

"a little led for your head" every night at 9pm. they'd

play two to three zep tunes, mostly deep cuts, and i

dug it big time! however, that same station is now a

joke of a classic rock station. they play the cut versions

of classic songs("do you feel like we do" is a joke) and they

change the words of sweet emotion to "standin' in the

front just-a shakin' your GLASS". i've renamed them

sh_t FM. in my best radio bumper tease voice........

if you like your classic rock cut short, then you're tuned

into the sh_t........wsht.......sh_t FM.

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