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Anyone at ALL from Kansas?!


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You're in Kansas ?

Give it time, you haven't been on the planet long enough yet.

Dorothy !!!!!!!!!

I'm surprised you don't get the Wizard of Oz thing all the time :lol: That's the first thing I thought of when you said Kansas :blush:

I'm in NC, but hello anyway! :D

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Best thing about Kansas is Kansas City BBQ

... but then again Kansas City is actuallly in Missouri

There's a Kansas City, Kansas, but it's a really crappy, dumpy place.

I'm originally from Kansas City, MO. I live about a half mile away from Kansas City, MO.

And only SOME of the BBQ was good…I don't eat beef/pork anymore…

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You mean that people actually live in Kansas? :huh:


Um, yeah…

I just assumed you've told people outside of Kansas that you were from Kansas before :P

Well, yeah, but they haven't said anything like "You're not in Kansas anymore" or anything relating to the Wizard of Oz…

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Is there a reason you ask the question? There can't be many Zepp fans there because they aren't responding.

Okay, well this is an interesting question because I didn't ask the question until I posted this, therefore I didn't know. So that's why I asked the question. To find out if anyone is from here.

I know quite a few Zep fans who live here…just not on this forum.

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Haven't read the whole thread... cuz I don't live in Kansas (I think I saw Dorothy not too long ago. Those red shoes kinda give her away).

Anyway, I mostly wanted to say I hope you didn't get too badly done in by the ice storm, etc.

Thank you, we're actually doing alright. There wasn't school today cos of it, and we lost power for a while, not nearly as bad as the 2001 ice storm though (we missed a bunch of school, I think three or four days, and I didn't have power for a week). I'm hoping for possibly another day off tomorrow, but I don't know…they'd better not work too hard on the streets tonight… :lol:

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