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Plant's Lifestyle


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Robert Plant, over the years has appeared to me to be a quite fit and healthy mammal.Even with the 70's thrown in.

I'm wondering if anyone knows or has read if Plant still engages or engaged in any type of exercise regimen during his stellar career.

Also, diet wise, I suspect Plant puts prime fuel into his system. Curious as to what his nutrition consists of...is there a certain diet he gravitates toward... what foods are off limits, if any. He damn sure doesn't scarf down burgers and supersized fries every other day.

This might be a nutty topic, but Plant still possesses the zeal. I'm a firm believer that "real" food and exercise have benefits beyond measure, but that's just me.

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... and he wrote about Freedom Fries a few years ago, too.

He does like BBQ, too. As he sported a Dreamland BBQ shirt. ;)

Wow! Dreamland. There's one about four miles from my house as a crooked vulture flies. Excellent ribs in moderation. Wonder when he was there.

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