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March 27th 1970

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I am really enjoying this "new" copy of this show. It's another Doinker release originally recorded by Bill B. This audience recording, known as "Source 2", is suposedly from 1st gen Reel-to-Reel. It is incomplete; BIOH. WS/BMS and SIBLY are missing. There are a few patches from the older "Four Survivors" bootleg. But it sounds much better than the Four Survivors version, it doesn't have that phoney sounding bass or that weird high frequency tone.

It's really a hot show, Plant's voice is about perfect and Pagey's playing some things that foreshadow the up coming third album. This is a hot show, I recommend it highly!

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To be clear, I had read a detailed account on Royal-Orleans.com that a member there posted.

It could simply be forwarding misinformation.

However,the account seemed detailed enough to be plausible.

One other aspect that makes the filming possible was the much-rumored 1970 band documentary coinciding with this time frame.

So its speculation,conjecture and optimism based on this one account from years ago.

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