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Alice in Chains

Del Nileppez

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I recently heard on the radio that Alice in Chains will be recording a new album with the new singer. I seen them play live here in Canada a month ago.The new singer gets my approval.

Very interesting name this 'Del Nilepezz' has.

Although I want to make it clear that I'M THE DEL around here. Original gangster (OG) if you know what I mean.

But nice to meet you Nilepezz... just watch your step around me and we'll get along just fine.

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afaic.. AIC isn't AIC without Layne Staley.

I'd respect the new band more of they took a new name, recorded new songs, and played AIC songs as PART OF their set list. Imho,.. if they're good enough to be successful as a new band with a new singer, they ought to be good enough not to have to rely on the name AIC.

thats just my 2 cents. ..fwliw.



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