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Jimmy Page and Ron Wood, Uniondale 2/13/75


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I don't know exactly when the rule started, but photographers generally are only allowed to photograph the first few songs of a gig, then they usher them out of the photo pit.

Even if this was not the case with this Zeppelin show, this is the second and last encore of an already VERY LONG concert. You don't know from listening to boots, but there were no cheap encores with Zeppelin...they would wait for minutes before coming back for encores.

It's probable that all the photographers had left the show already by this point of the night. Remember they had to develop their photos and see if any were print-worthy for the next day's papers.

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Just get the ciggie out of his hand and he should be good for a couple of more decades. :yesnod:

I'm pretty sure the same could be said for Mr Wood as well, who I believe has been smoking even longer than Jimmy...Christ, we're lucky those two guys are still with us even today.

Great pic, though...Page should have made a guest appearance on Woody's last album.

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