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NBA Playoff Music


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Ok, I went back and actually read the article.

ESPN was involved. What a shock. The worst thing to ever happen to sports is now the worst thing to ever happen to music.

Jason Bonham did this? I'm speechless. I didn't even recognize him.

HoSo. lol

The Jimmy Page rap song was bad, but not this bad. Ouch.

Wiki does not know what Black Dog is about. It's not the woman's "love" that is desired.

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This was pretty bad, although I can't say Puff Daddy's (his name at the time) version of Kashmir (Come With Me) was that bad, since I liked it quite a bit. Well, not the original version but the (Tom) Morello Mix, which is awesome. Comepletely different from Puff Daddy's. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

Checkout the difference, Morrello's blows Puff Daddy's away. Much more JP!

Morello Mix:

Puff Daddy's:


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Just because you copy the original as much as possible doesn't mean you don't suck. In fact, some of the worst remakes of all time are people who tried too hard to copy the original. That's my two cents for what it's worth.

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