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led zep maniack

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Jack Black did a ok job, but they really could have done better. He's second tier, b-list material. Possible other names, Brian May, Paul Rodgers, Phil Collins, Roger Daltry, all would have been better choices.

Phil fucking Collins?!? :blink::rolleyes:

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I agree BUK, it would have been more appropriate for someone more serious to do the speech...certainly someone from the music world, however, I loved what Jack Black said. Have you all seen the extra at the end of the School of Rock DVD where Jack Black begs Zeppelin to use Immigrant Song? So frickin' hilarious!

Perhaps instead of Jack Black they should have gotten Jack Bruce. :dont:

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I don't know how good a public speaker Stevie Nicks is, but I would have enjoyed hearing that woman give the introduction.

I think she would have been good. She has done some good versions of Rock and Roll live and she was at the O2 DVD premier in New York- so she is a fan for sure. I always thought she and Jimmy Page would make a good couple.
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On 12/26/2012 at 11:41 PM, pimmyjage said:

The Wilson ladies tribute to STH was fantastic as was the reaction and expressions on the lads faces. They clearly enjoyed it!

Could have done without Kid Rock though, but thats just my opinion.


Overall the entire show was great.


On 12/27/2012 at 12:20 AM, Tea41 said:

STH with Ann and Nancy Wilson was really powerful and excellent, Page and Plant both had tears in their eyes...it actually put a tear in my eye. Such a great song, and was the well deserved grand finale. Jack Black was funny introducing Zep, he definitely gets it and is an obvious true Zep fan, like us here..."Best band ever!".


On 12/27/2012 at 3:22 AM, henrybonzo said:

how ironic that the one song plant avoids, ends up being the one that brings a tear to his eye!


On 12/27/2012 at 4:40 PM, nc0275 said:

The posts that mentioned Plant looking bored, way off the mark. In my 41 yrs. of following him as a fan, I have never seen him so emotional. You could see he was fighting it very hard. Very moving to see. Also, Stairway, which has had a complicated relationship with Plant and fans alike over the years was revived as the historic song it is with a very moving performance. Felt real, real good to be reminded of the emotional impact on the culture of that song through the years. Great job by all muscians in giving tribute to the boys.


On 12/27/2012 at 5:00 PM, ksgemini said:

I think another thing about Stairway for Robert was the multitude of Bonzo hats and seeing Jason up there...He immediately stood up when Jason came out so maybe it was more memories and feelings than just the song itself....Heart did a nice job though....


I ran across this OnStage Magazine article from 2013 today (while looking for something else Zep related).

The Real Reason for Robert Plant’s Tears During “Stairway to Heaven”

By Chris LeDrew on June 24, 2013

ARTICLE VIEWS: 16,488,334



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Old thread here...just brought back a memory of standing in the back of the hall watching the video montage and feeling almost euphoric, until Kid Rock became the turd in the punch bowl. Thankfully Stairway cleansed that stench away. That was a magic night for me. 

Jimmy Page and Me at KC Honors.jpg

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