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Programming alert: Later tonight or early Monday morning, depending on where you live, Turner Classic Movies is airing Antonioni's "BLOW-UP", uncut, unedited, and in the proper frame ratio...and unlike so many other movie channels that used to be commercial-free, with no commercial interruptions.

Filmed in 1965-66 at the height of Swinging 60s London and starring David Hemmings and a trio of Swinging London birds: Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Birkin and Sarah Miles. This is the film that features the Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck era Yardbirds playing "Stroll On" in a club and Beck going bonkers. Yes, you may have seen this clip on YouTube or somewhere else, but to really see it properly, you should watch it in its proper context within the movie.

Plus, you also get the bonus of the infamous tennis scene.

"Blow-Up" was highly influential, anticipating many of the later paranoia-cinema of the 70s such as "The Conversation" and "Three Days of the Condor"...you can even see some influence on Bertolucci's "The Conformist". Brian de Palma even made an inferior remake in the 80s called "Blow Out", starring John Travolta. Only he changed the protagonist from a photographer to a movie soundman...and he definitely didn't have as cool a band as the Yardbirds in his version.

"Blow-Up" airs at 1:30am Eastern Time/ 10:30pm Pacific Standard Time on TCM. I don't know if Turner Classic Movies channel is available outside the U.S. As they say, check your local listings, I guess.

A must-see artifact of the 60s.

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Thanks Strider! Have never seen this movie, but I'll be sure to catch it.

And, thanks Westlgarlic for the clip. Interesting. Is this where Townsend got the idea to start smashing guitars?

Oh, and as always Jimmy's adorable! ;-)

I believe Pete Townshend first started smashing guitars in 1964. He was the reason that Michelangelo Antonini asked Jeff Beck to smash his guitar.

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