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Any predictions for the bonus discs of IV and beyond.....


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So, we have the reissues of Led Zeppelin I-III, and Jimmy did a pretty damn good job remastering them, and I'm lovin' the bonus discs, but will he be able to keep it up for the reissues of IV and beyond? I'm sure he will, but what do YOU think? And what about the bonus discs? What do you expect for the future bonus discs for IV and beyond? Here what I predict, and it's just a prediction:

IV: Live Japan 1971, or/and studio outtakes, because we know you multitracked them, Jimmy!

Houses: Studio Outtakes

Physical Grafitti: Studio

Presence: Please! Release a soundboard, if not, then you could have studio recordings as well.

In Through: 1980 Multitracks or Studio

CODA: God knows!

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