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Marry Christmas


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I know I know :blink: there are a few days left but I want to start this thread now and give enough time to all of you to post a reply :rolleyes:

So, from my deep soul and from my cold Italy I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Zep time / holidays.

Enjoy and have fun


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Why the hell do people think I'm married?

I've never been married.

No Lynne ...

I rarely think of you.


Well if you would think of me naked that would be nice you are lying i know that yud why don't you admit it.

i think about you naked all the time.

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ok, let's go with the Marry thread ... for Zepheads only

I hear in order to marry Christmas you have to register in an online ballot for a passcode. Which is non transferrable but it is. :D

On a serious note Merry Christmas to everybody, have a good one, I plan to spend Xmas day listening to all the Earls Court shows from '75!

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